Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Week 4 in MTC

     German is progressing very well! The biggest event from this week was when we went out to Manchester via Train to find people! Elder Graver and I were able to place three Books of Mormon! haha and talked to a ton of people. The first one we gave was my favorite. We stopped a guy about our age who was walking to work. I was impressed to ask if he believed that there could be a God who can personally help us and if he ever had any questions or experiences in his life that he wasn't able to answer. Straight off he replied with an amazing personal story. He said during the event he had a thought like something was talking to him telling him he could be better, he has potential and he needed to change. He said he could never explain what it was. So right then, I bore testimony that God loves him and that the feelings and thoughts he got were from God, through the Holy Ghost. I then told him about Joseph Smith, who had a question and prayed. I told him what his experience was and how it allowed the Gospel to be restored through Joesph Smith. I had him read in Moroni 10:4-5 and I promised him that if he would read in the Book of Mormon his question could be answered and he could know that that was a true message from God and that God personally loves each of us. He gladly accepted and I got his name and number for the missionaries in the Manchester area. He said he'd be happy to meet with them.
     It was such a great time! We talked to many others and handed pass along cards, more Books of Mormon and then we ran to the Burger King to use the washroom and  I'm pretty sure a guy followed us in there cuz we went upstairs to the bathroom and right as we left he was there and asked if we had 5 minutes to talk to him. We were like yah!!! haha but as we sat down I instantly recognized the Spirit leave and I knew where he was taking this discussion. He ended up ratting on the church and on me and Elder Graver. We realized it was just 1 guy, and to focus on all the success we had! it was really cool.
    As we talked to people I found myself thinking in German, even so much that I said German words by accident haha. I started bearing testimony in German then realized I should probably be speaking English. Its so cool to see our progress in German!
    Overall the MTC is wonderful. Great food, great staff and people called to lead us. I love our teachers. Its just great. We have a new batch of 2 weekers in tomorrow. The last group before we leave too!! haha. Then its off to Deutschland!  That's about all I have to say! Just a great spirit this week. Its awesome here!

Elder Rodgers

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