Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Week 5 in MTC!

   Well!! Hey again! This week went by way fast. Nothing terribly exciting has happened. Just the regular language learning and stuff. I think the biggest story from this week is my improvement with the language. Elder Graver and I were able to teach one of our investigators about faith and how faith leads us to repentance and that the ultimate form and outward expression of repentance is baptism. When I gave the main part of the lesson my ideas were flowing so well and I was able to really speak clearly and with the Spirit. Our lesson went for half hour! We were interactive, and asked many questions. I think overall it was the best lesson yet. ~Glaube and Jesus Christus ist der erste Grundsatz dem Evangeliums. Umkehr ist der zweite Grundzatz des Evangeliums. Wir sind für unsere Sünde verantwortlich, aber durch Jesus Christus können wir Sünde überwinden!~ haha I love german! but like its going really well here. 

     I haven't been talking in my sleep as much this last week I believe. I'm pretty sure that I haven't said much. I did speak in German though. Which is super cool and I realize I dream in German too. I wake up remembering my dreams and some of them are odd because of the German running through my mind.

    I leave next Wednesday to München and from there I'll find out where I'm headed. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna remember no German and I'll basically be clueless. Yet I'm looking forward to that an insane amount! Really all we do here is study in German, and learn. Tons of that. German German German. We met a German lady the other day, I could carry on about a half conversation, so not too shabby!
    I've realized I've been gone for 5 weeks now. At times it seems way longer, other times it seems like just last week. I'm very glad that everyone is doing great back home. I hope that it keeps going well for you all! Thanks for the support! From here on out I'm almost certain that my pday is Monday, but that will start in over a week. I'm not sure if ill have time to email Wednesday or Tuesday before I leave. Guess i shall see!

Elder Rodgers
      OK so I've realized my ability to grow facial hair is exceptional. I have a literal 5 o'clock shadow! So cool! but way annoying...I haven't gained weight which is good. Although like 3 weeks ago I split my old pants when I bent over but sister Edwards fixed them and they're just as good now.

     Tanner had this last part added on the end in some notes. I think its funny because he was sure he could go a couple days without having to shave. Several people have told him that most missionaries will gain a lot of weight in the MTC so he has been very cautious about that. 

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