Monday, October 20, 2014

Uhh... Love!....Week 29 in Wiener Neustadt

     I would like to start out with quote that I found this week. I think its as true as can be. It made me happy! And here it is.... <3

               "Life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a mother" 

     <3... YES!! Truth be told! Proclaim it! I love my mom! And you too dad, definitely! Don't feel left out. Its just that 'manual' is better replaced with 'mother'... fits the rhyme scheme a lil better. But I'd venture as far as to say that it goes both ways! 

     My biggest thing of the week comes back to The Book of Mormon! Again, always talking about The Book of Mormon. Well, I have now read it completely through, in German! And in doing so... man oh man did I feel the power of it. It was like... I couldn't put it down. It was consuming my thoughts, I was always so eager to read in it. So eager to read one more chapter. And what I think I find the coolest about it is simply the new understanding that comes when reading it in a new language. Certain ways that phrases are expressed, words used, the meaning of certain words - It all adds together to give me a deeper understanding of what really is contained inside of The Book of Mormon. There were so many lines, scriptures and chapters that stood out to me like never before. It was such an enlightening and uplifting experience. I had a fantastic time. 

     I got to spend more time in Vienna this week :) Spending some time with Elder Eldredge. We had like 3 appointments and met up with some members and man it was way cool. Working in Vienna is something different for sure. There are so many people there. So much to always be doing. It sure doesn't suck! 

     Other than that we were just working in our area this week, we got an investigator back! Back from the recovery of an operation! Yay! And she came to church again :)

     At church I had the pleasure of translating on the stand again. And it actually went so much better than the last time haha. The first talk was the hardest. He talked all about Public Affairs and how the Church works with media and in the eyes of the Public. How we too can be representatives through our actions.The 2nd was better, a report of a mission and talking about Wards :) And the last was medium, due to a summary of both talks hahaha and talked about Example to close. But I hung in there. It went well. 

     Members here rock. Simply awesome. Members all around rule, but I've been blessed, in both of my areas to have amazing members who take great care of us and are active participants in the ward and in missionary work. Its a blessing that deserves to not be overlooked. 

     I'm doing great! I've been here in Wiener Neustadt for almost 7 months now. Man oh man. I will find out this week where I'm off to next and what will be happening everywhere. Then next Tuesday will be transfer day. We shall see :) (This has been a 7 week transfer and the next one will be a 5 week transfer)

     But I got this week here and we have some great stuff set up through the week. Many members, and some other lessons. I like having weeks pre-planned. Makes it easier. Setting up appointments in advance is worth it!!!

I wish you all a wondrous week! Be kind to each other and love everyone! <3 I love you!

Elder Rodgers <3

In Vienna

In Vienna

Elder apartment in Vienna (top floor)

Milka Chocolate!

Pretty eh? 

Elder Durrant had a moment :) lol jks jks

This is a map of the zones in the mission. I found it interesting to see it so thought you might too

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