Monday, October 27, 2014

Love and Goodbyes.....Week 30 in Wiener Neustadt

     Hello World. I greet you today! My last day in Wiener Neustadt. Wait. That means that I've been transferred. That would be presumably correct. Is it worth me saying this early off the bat? If I do you could just get distracted and not read further and as we have all come to realize, attention is part of me. Therefore I feel not yet ready to reveal the place to which I have been transferred. I'll start out slow. 

     Many of you know me relatively well. Others perhaps not so much. Many of you I would like to get to know... but for those who are aware of who I am, you will be familiar with my deep love for God's creations, namely the mountains. And hmmm.. .I've been called to serve in the Alpine Mission, meaning that there will likely be a chance to serve in.... the Alps. 

     I'll be companions with Elder Sumsion. He is a cute little man. We have been previously acquainted with one another, setting us up for a wonderful companionship. He will be my first non Utah companion (nothing against Utah comps)  since Elder Carlson of California. But he is from Idaho... so that is almost the same right? 

     Well .... I guess I can tell you. I'll be living... in... a 4 person apartment! Ha tricked y'all. Elder Pope and Elder Bliss will be there. A Canadian among Americans. Welcome to my life. Ok, I'm running out of things to say to avoid saying it so..... I'm going to be working in Klagenfurt :-)

     In the mountains of Austria, there is a Canadian to be found. I'm definitely excited to be going there. Right in the downtown of the Alps. Doesn't suck at all! I will be living down there in the mountains of Klagenfurt :) I'm really excited too! 

     So that means this week sucked. I had to say goodbye to all the people I love! That's the worst part of being on a mission! Saying goodbye. It's so hard. Never gets easier. Not at all. I found out on Thursday morning that I would be leaving. We had stake conference this week so that means no Sunday to say goodbye to everyone. It was rough. So I had to use time wisely to plan to see as many people as I could and to tell them all bye. 

     We had meetings with Investigators and members and it is still so sad saying goodbye! I love these people. Ah! And so ya. 

     Conference was really cool though, It was a really good meeting. Everything went well, great talks and thoughts, great goodness everywhere! And an outpouring of love from missionaries and members at the end! Aww, I'll miss this place!

     I've learned a ton here, I was here for 7 months. You really come to love people in that time. Really. And it's not fun leaving. I do look forward to loving more people and experiencing the blessing of being a missionary and having an ever expandable heart! There is always room for another person :) And those who were in there will remain. 

     I wish I could express better how much I love the people here and in Ellwangen. I think about them everyday. All the time. Memories here last forever, and for that reason I am so grateful to be on a mission! 

I wish you all the best this week! Go share your love with someone :) Love is the most powerful thing I know <3

Elder Rodgers!

MTC teacher  Jared Jentzsch

Elder Rodgers, Elder Oviat, Elder Phillips

In Vienna

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  1. Klagy is one of the most gorgeous, mountainous places in the mission! He is going to love it so much!!! Elder Sumsion was in Freiburg as a Golden with Sherry, they are going to tear it up! =)