Monday, November 3, 2014

Kärnten eh?.....Week 1 in Klagenfurt

     Wow. So many things to say, but in the end I think I wont even get out half of what I want to say. My journal this week was great! If you get to ever read it... man will you ever have a good laugh. So much that has happened. Its a build up of suspense but also a build up of things that cant be said, only expressed. I think I'm getting back into my love sermon again. Oops. Getting used to new things this time around has been a lot easier than last time. I do not know why. Saying goodbye wasn't any easier though.. Thats for sure.

     I honestly wasn't ready mentally to leave Wiener Neustadt. It takes a lot more preparation that I thought. Habits, everything that I have done for 7 months.... suddenly changed in the blink of an eye. No more habits at all. Everything new. Its not easy. But in the end its necessary. I've lost 7 pounds already since I've arrived here. I cant tell you why though.. not cuz its a weird reason.. but cuz I don't know why! Its clearly not stress.. stress isn't a part of my life haha. It may be different eating habits... but I've eaten a ton here... and more healthy too. I dont know. But thats that. Changes eh? 

     My ride on Tuesday was epic. Left the house at 7 am for a train to Vienna at 7:30. Train from Vienna at 8:55, but from a different train station. Awesome ride to Salzburg :) 5 other Missionaries in the train with me, we all rode in the same car. Ok, spent 2 hours on a layover in Salzburg, ate at the Missionary Couple house there. Then at about 2:50 we took off down to Klagenfurt on a train. Took us 10 mins to get out of the city area and into the gorgeous blue sky mountains of Austria! And it was the best ride of my life! So magnificent! The whole ride... mountains, valleys and snow! It was fantastic! Watched it all the way until it got too dark. 

     Got here, our Missionary Couple (Ehepaar) living here picked us up and brought us to the church where they made us supper and it was lovely! Oh I love this place! We have 4 Elders and our Ehepaar, the Wades. It's great! I met some of the ward too, they were at an activity. 

     Our apartment is huge too, definitely no complaints here. We use a ton of buses in this place, I'll send a picture of the bus routes and stuff home later. There are a ton of lines, but I like that, I'm a memorizing type of guy and I've already got a great start on learning the area! Which is huge by the way... HUGE! 

     We don't have very many real investigators is the word I got when I arrived, well that was right, but we have a ton of records of un-contacted people and also of previously taught people who we wanna meet up with again, so we have started organizing all that and we are on the way to success. On Saturday I called over 200 people, 75% of which answered, and of all that we set up 7 appointments and a few people who said to call back in a week or something of the sorts. A good start indeed!  

     Sunday I got to introduce myself, we had testimony meeting. Long Sunday. For me Sundays are always the longest cuz its a lot of sitting and we also study at home. But I got over it. I always do. The most stress I have in this moment is based on the uncomfortable position in which I am sitting. Thats all. No worries at all. Ok like a bit, but nothing to do with me. 

     Life eh? Love eh? Canadian eh? 

     We have a goal to love more than we have ever loved before... Elder Sumsion and me are gonna love this ward and these people until they are so full of love that we are taken up to heaven like the people of Enoch. I hope thats the actual name of him.. lol You get it though!

     Life. I love it, life is fantabulous! I love you all and wish you the best first week of November of your lives! Go share the Gospel with that friend who has been on your mind for a while! Make this week that week! Yay! 

Love you!
Elder Rodgers <3

                   Sorry no pictures today he forgot his camera at his apartment

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  1. No photos here either Sherry forgot her cord! Loved this letter. Klagy is so gorgeous, and there are some awesome people living there! I know he will help create miracles!