Monday, November 10, 2014

Es regnet ziemlich oft!....Week 2 in Klagenfurt

     Today is my first day this week with blue sky! A wonderful start to a new week. But as you are reading this... you're more interested in what I did last week eh? But before I come to that I want to point out a little fact. My first area was Ellwangen :) That blessed place. There my town was about 26,000 people. I moved up a bit to Wiener Neustadt which has about 46,000 people and now I'm enjoying life in a bigger city, Klagenfurt, which is home to about 90,000 people. Slowly moving up in the size of place where I live. I thought that was a nifty little fact. 

     But it rains here. I guess to be fair I have been here 2 weeks. And my first week was gorgeous! But when it rains from Tuesday -Sunday.... its feels a lot longer than 6 days. But all in all... life is good. Its gonna rain more this next week too I hear! JOY ;)

     Ohhhhhh! I said joy. Made me think of Christmas. less than 7 weeks! YESSSS! I've decorated already... with all the stuff I have... which isn't a lot... but it suffices! And man oh man has the Christmas Music been going or what! Wow we have been listening to it now for a week and I'm lovin' it! "Oh Holy Night" and "Where are you Christmas" are on the top right now :) Oh I've listened to them sooo much! Christmas rocks! Its so happy. I'm looking forward to that! FOR SURE! 

     I went running this morning. 45 minutes. About 40 of runnning. And man! We made it to the Wörthersee!! Which will mean nothing to you... but to me it means that I ran a lot. Haha and to a beautiful lake! Of which I must still take pictures of! I'm sore though. I havent been this sore since.... like.... 9 months ago when I last went running! haha oh man. 

     Epic story of my week- We got a new investigator. It was a mess. Kinda. So we called her out of the potential lists and set up an appointment :) She is really nice. Well, we looked on the map, and we mistakenly picked the wrong address. Kinda. We took a train and then had to get another one, and as we were about to get on the other one... I took out the map and felt like we should check the address again. Well we found out that we were wrong. And then I blew it. I thought we were at a different train station than we actually were and the new address was just beside it. So we started walking, checked the map again and realized that we were at the wrong train station and that we could have taken that train anyway..... just to a different stop. AH! 

     But by the time we realized this the train had left... So we walked 40 minutes. And this whole time it was pouring rain. We got drenched. Like to the bone, soaking wet. In German we would say 'klatschnass'. Well. We got there, had a great talk and stuff. Well, her husband wasn't there for the main talk... walked in and realized we were Missionaries and sure wasn't happy that we were in his house. But the wife likes us :) and we set up a new appointment and are going back! 

     She really is great! We have a ton of potential with Her! Life is great! Its going wonderfully! The rest of the week went by relatively unharmed! Eating with members, love and fun and goodness! I love our apartment-ship, we get along well and have fun :) And we work great too! 

     Up To Salzburg tomorrow for a Zone Training and then back home and then our meeting with our new friend :) Life rocks! I love it! Serving here is so awesome! I am so blessed!

Thanks for the love, the emails and the prayers. I appreciate it all, even though I can't express that all quite well! You rock! LOVEEE! I wish you all the best week! LOVE YOU!

Elder Rodgers <3

Lots of pictures this week to make up for last week. First is good-byes in Wiener Neustadt then the trip through the Alps then a couple of  his new area.

Elder Croft, Durrant & Worthen

Elder Durrant

Elder Worthen

Train to Klagenfurt!

The ALPS!!!

still the ALPS!!!


new companion Elder Sumsion

soaked after walking in the rain!

cookie a little girl made the Elders

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