Monday, November 17, 2014

Wo die Liebe wohnt :).....Week 3 in Klagenfurt

     Love is all around! I talk about love way too much. But in all honesty it's the biggest part of my week. And is one of the biggest aspects of my life... now and in the future. So I just cant skip out on a chance to talk about love. As the song says... Where Love is.. There God is also! And then we change songs and talk about Love at Home! Well... my home is 4 adults (if we dare classify me as one ) and in our apartment its kind of important that we love each other... haha cuz living with 4 people wouldn't be the easiest if we didn't. And I am glad to report that we have love at home! I love everything about our apartment. The people in it, the set up, the openness and the feel. It's a place where its easy to be comfortable! Thus, allowing the Spirit to be able to dwell there :) Making our home such a sick place! 

     Love at home! If you dont have it.. Work for it! So say the Prophets... so say I.. (Said with love) <3

     OK. Tuesday was cool. We took a train up to Salzburg again! I'm becoming more and more familiar with that city! And it's so gorgeous! What a great place! And the train ride is full of mountains and me taking pics of them all. As I would say... it doesn't suck!

     Plus... we got to see all the other missionaries in our beloved Zone. I love them! Its like a reunion! But we all saw each other 2 weeks ago.. but it seems like forever! But at the same time it feels like yesterday. Wow. Confusing is my life. 

     OK. Epic story time. We taught the Restoration Lesson this week... and it was epic! We were able to discover that the Spirit really does play the biggest role in conversion. We were able to experience the converting power of the Spirit. God answers prayers. That is an eternal truth. I've realized more and more that people simply need help recognizing that. I was lucky enough to be a part of that process this week. Boy does that feel good. You get a testimony through the Spirit... you recognize it... its simply the right thing. Hard to describe it... but you just know and from then on you can't doubt it. Just thinking back to experiences I've had... I could never doubt it. 

I'm a lucky guy

     I got to see another effect of love this week! I was on an exchange. We had really nothing planned. So we made brownies and delivered them! All over. Finding along the way, serving members and friends, there are so many great things about that! Then seeing the happiness others have when they receive things :) Ah its a happiness that could, and likely will, last me a lifetime! Happy happy happy! 

     I gave the lesson in church on Sunday! All about Serving! My favourite point from that was a quote by President Kimball. He said in essence... In most circumstances, we cant serve ourselves, we rely on the service of others. That made me think. If someone out there cant serve themselves... I could be the one to do it! And maybe on the other hand, I may need something, but maybe don't realize it... I need to be "served" per-say in order to obtain that said thing. 

     A German would say ...dienen lassen... which means ... to let yourself be served. That's an essential part. Allowing yourself to be served. Sometimes thats hard, cuz maybe you don't see the reason. But serving and allowing yourself to be served are both 2 important principles I learned yesterday! 

     Then we had the Primary Presentation! So cute! Kids rule! MY week was great, I love this place! That's it for now, I wish you all the best, have a great- love filled week! <3

Love you all!
Elder Rodgers <3

Few mountains along the way up to Salzburg :)


a member drove us in a bus to church

Walking down the street in Klangenfurt

we live right above the bank! not bad eh?

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this letter (tehe!). Those Primary kids adore the Elders, I bet he has a blast with them and he will leave a lasting impression that will help them desire to serve when they have grown "a foot or two." Beautiful pictures of the gorgeous Alps!