Monday, November 24, 2014

Eine große Menge der Liebe....Week 4 in Klagenfurt

     I had a love quote in my head but totally lost it. It was gonna be the best starting line ever. I can't remember though. But I still have a thought to share. Maybe this will help a few people. I've come to learn that LOVE isn't just a one minded thing. I love you.... And thats it. FALSE! Love has its romantic roots and its deep meanings and all that.. but LOVE is also the essence of the Gospel! Love is the greatest of all commandments for loves sake <3 So finally, after months of studying love and all that has to do with it I've learned some things. Love isn't just "Romantic Love", love is like.... An action so to say. A motivation. Charity. You cant love the World in a romantic way... but boy can you ever spread the love all around and around and around and around! Love is so open minded. It is so interesting! 

Love - The Essence of the Gospel........... Well said President Monson

     Moving on.... I would like to make known that I can play "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" on the Ukulele... A skill acquired from a housemate... Elder Pope! With whom I had the distinct pleasure of working with this week on an exchange. We taught the funniest person ever. He is 89 years old. Claims to have escaped from a prison in Italy like years and years ago. The same guy that fed us crushed up nuts last time... well we got Apple Juice this time! He is hilarious! He offered to take us into Italy and show us around the mountains... Too bad we cant haha

     We actually talked a lot about prophets with him. He isn't gonna join the church, he claims he will die when he is 92 and says that his member sister in the States will do his work for him. Hahahahaha way funny. We left him with a Conference Edition Ensign from last year. He loved it. He is so funny. Always a laugh when we are with him. 

     It didn't even rain a ton this week. It snowed in the mountains though! Heavenly sight!  Tomorrow we get to ride up to Salzburg! EPIC!

     Saturday was cool. I'll tell you one of the benefits of living with Americans..... American Thanksgiving. Yes. And with a senior couple too... you bet on it. We went to a members house and did service for the afternoon and then came together as 17 people and ate a thanksgiving dinner! A little in advance yes, but the family had guests from Finland who were flying back this week so they wanted to have them there for it. It was way great! As a Canadian... on the mission I get 2 Thanksgivings a year! Mine.. and the American one. It doesn't suck ;)

     The service we did this week, I'll attach a few pictures. We laid brick for a driveway. It was cool, a lot of fun to do. I also filled in the already laid stuff with dirt filling kinda stuff. But most of the time I was carrying stones from the stacks, over to the work area. A lot of lifting, but it made me strong!... ok not really. But it was fun!

     I'm struggling on thoughts... We spent a good amount of time of the streets! Going by on people and so forth. We meet some of the coolest, and weirdest people as missionaries. Its just fun. Everyday is a new adventure. Its the funest and most worthwhile thing ever. 

I wish you all a week full of love! Love you all :)
Elder Rodgers <3

Room with a view!

On the streets in Klagenfurt

The view as he walks down the street

His Apartment

The chapel

Thanksgiving Dinner

The view to look at while doing service

service project

view on the way to a city called Villach

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  1. LOVE the photos and the message, as always! He looks right at home in the beautiful Alps!