Monday, August 25, 2014

Genießt die Reise....Week 19 in Wiener Neistadt

     Hello! I am grateful for this opportunity to write again! Isn't life so wonderful! I'm allowed to write you all every week? So sick! I know people who don't get to a computer more than once a month. Rough eh? Blessings! Count em! 

     I'd like to address the aspect of Time. I can't remember if I may have done this recently but I totally thought of a way cool analogy.With the help of mom of course. This time of year... is Waterton time! Always in Waterton in the mountains! Well I have a mountain analogy! That compares to everything! 

     So, when you hike a peak, lets say Mount Blakiston (Tallest in Waterton)  with an average size group you're looking at a good 10 hour day from start right to finish. 10 is also an easy number to go off of. You drive up Cameron road. Park the car. Hike up the Lineham Trail for a while, go off trail and then start the climb. Up to the bowl, up the middle chute at the end of the snow patch, scrambling all the way through the rocky ledges, gain the ridge, go over all the false summits and finally to the top! 

     Take some pics, eat a bar and its back on down. Through the top chutes and hit the shale! Run on down, to the bear grass now. Grass slide for a bit, hit the dried out creek bed, through the Forest and boom....TRAIL! Then a long 4km out back to the car. What a great day eh? Now. How does this relate to time? Let me tell you. 

     How much of these 10 hours were spent on the top? Maybe 1 if we were really lucky. Normally though 30 mins-1 hour. That's a mere 5-10% of our time at the destination. Meaning that there was 90-95% of the time spent on the journey. 

     The end may be wonderful and great. Usually is! But there is also so so so so so much to be had in the journey! So much! So I want to say.... Never forget to take a second and look around, smell the flowers and enjoy the journey! It's not always about the end! There is so much to see and so much to learn along the way! 

     We went this week to a little town in the very bottom of our area called Mönichkirchen. Well we got a train for a while then had to get on a bus that luckily was there at the station. We got on, got off 15 mins later in our place. Well, we realized at that point that we couldn't do what we went there to do because there was no other bus that went back other than the one we took to get there. So we had to quickly get back on the bus! 

     This led the bus driver to talk to us and ask some questions about our intentions of going to Mönichkirchen. Through this we were able to talk to him about our purpose and what we were doing. At the very end of the ride after a good talk we gave him a Book of Mormon and he gladly took it. 

     The people we were gonna visit at the end.. didnt get visited but... along the journey.. we found a man who was receptive to our message. Its not just about the destination. Its about the journey too! There were so many great things that happened this week. So many little miracles. When we take time to slow ourselves down and help those in need around us, I promise we will start to see the beauties that are there along the journey! Its not all about the end, as gorgeous as it may be. Its about the time spent on the Journey too. Those are moments that really count! 

     Miracles are happening everyday all around us. May we really slow down a little and take the time to notice them :) Its made a difference for me :)

Have a wonderful week! I love you all so very much!

Elder Rodgers <3


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  1. I love this missionary's letters and spirit! He just must bring so much energy everywhere he goes. It is needed and uplifting to the other missionaries he serves with =) Great parable about climbing the mountain!