Monday, August 4, 2014

Ich bin Elder Rodgers! Ich liebe Liebe!.....Week 18 in Wiener Neustadt

     A week that goes by without saying, I Love You, is like... I actually cant think of a good 2nd half. Lol I tried! The point is to say I Love You! More often! So says President Monson! Love people! All the time! No matter what! The Saviour would do it! Why cant I? 

     So I've been writing in my new journal for about 2 weeks now, the new one Mom sent me, its like huge! I write like a book every night, cuz I'm OCD and told myself I had to write a page everyday. So I get like half of it or even 1/3rd filled with the day and the rest is full of inner thoughts of love and struggles and emotions. Read that in like 10 years and wow... you may begin to understand me. I just write! It's actually a really cool thing. Sit down and write out the desires and thoughts that are in my heart. Really gets the honesty out! But that's how it is eh? Legit tho.. It takes a solid 25 minutes of concentrated writing to finish a page. Your Welcome Posterity! 

     I read a talk that made me feel like I could improve myself so much. Namely... Following Up... by Elder Ballard. What a beautiful talk! I have been able to already apply so much from that! It finally occurred to me that being on a mission has absolutely nothing to do with my level of comfortableness. I am thrown into the most awkward situations so often... I think I'd be so much better off if I would finally replace that fear with REAL Faith as Elder Ballard says and I can already see how it will help me! A Mission is so full of awkwardness... I guess I should be used to that now. Germans are relatively straightforward and get to the point. That's my new tactic. No more Canadian-ness... and like beating around the bush... it's time to become one with the people haha. Following up! I'm gonna do it! 

     I really am starting to love writing these emails home. I get so pumped up writing it! haha I get more out of it that anyone! 

     I was in Wien (Vienna) like almost 3 whole days this week. I got to work with Elders Croft and Jerman in a Dritt (group of 3) on Thursday as we waited for all our new companions to come in! From like 9am - 6pm we were together tearing it up in Wien! People are so cool! We meet some of the absolute sickest people ever. I meet someone and I'm like... man you would be the coolest member! Then like 5 minutes later I see the next coolest member ever. Its about seeing people as our Heavenly father sees them! Changes lives! Blows my mind. 

     When Jesus told Peter that before the Cock crew, he would deny him 3 times... Was that a prophecy... or a Commandment? Oh snap mind blown! How sick is that? Think about it. Make some awesome thought about it! Way cool eh? 

     I have a new focus of Following up in relation to Love. I am really becoming quite taken up in it! Everything I do is based on or related to these 2 ideas in one way or another! The Gospel is so cool! And so true! Missionary work is the best work ever! I love it so much! And I Love you all back home too! 

     Thanks for the love and support! Loving a Missionary is one of the best gifts we receive! Thanks for the consistent love! I love it! Have a wonderful, Gospel filled, Gospel sharing week!

Elder Rodgers <3

Sister Chrisstianson

Seeing off those who are being transferred

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