Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Missionsarbeit ....Week 20 in Wiener Neustadt

     I hope that the you are all doing super duper awesome. I also hope you are prepared for this email. I'm not too sure what'll come out of it. Lots of thoughts running through my mind at this point. But I hope something will strike you and make you smile, laugh or think. Hopefully something good! 

     I got an email today in which a quote was included said by a 6 year old little boy. But its so profound! Said in context of hiking and getting tired...

"Feel the Pain,
Ignore the Pain,
Experience Life"

     What a great little quote eh? Profound! Feel the pain, but press forward enduring to the end! Don't get caught up in something that is inevitable to happen. Life happens. But we are the ones who God granted free agency unto and we can choose to move forward! Now like.. .its not always best to simply ignore the pain... we have ways in which we can deal with it and minimize it... lol but it was from a 6 year old. So it works! In essence just experience life! Go forward in love and with a good attitude! 

     This week.... what happened.... I'll tell you a story from yesterday. I gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting. I was give the assignment on Wednesday. I was like.. oh sick! A  talk! I love preparing talks. So I prepared it based on Covenants and the WHY of keeping them. I was also told I was gonna be the 2nd speaker. So I went searching and found a talk from the 2011 Liahona and used that as a base for my talk. I had some really good preparations and made an awesome outline. 

     Well in Church, as you may have suspected from the way I was leading into this, the 1st speaker spoke... using the exact same talk as a basis and gave almost the exact same one that I had lined out and prepared. Legit. I was translating for someone to English and when he said the title of the talk he was using I was like ohhhhh no. That's not good. So I went up to give my talk and changed 75% of what I had prepared. It went OK. But not near as good as I would have liked. 

     MY question is what would you have done? Should I have changed it as I did or should I have just stuck to it and gone off from what I had planned? That's been a thought on my mind I'd like to resolve for the next time this happens to me. 

     We are taught as Missionaries to plan for our next day then follow that plan thus allowing God to place people in our paths. I've seen success from that too. So idk. Its kinda a topic I'd like to discuss further hmm.

     We did service this week in a garden! I love working outside :) We had fun! And got a ton done too! 

     There are a lot of things that happened this week. Like small things. I see everyday people who haven't accepted the Gospel, and I see how much the Gospel could help them and it breaks my heart when the don't accept it. Sorrow belongs to love, I think. When you love people to a certain extent and when they do things you know are bad, or are opposite to those things that could bring them happiness it just hurts! Doesn't it? But there are people to rejoice about too.

     After church yesterday we actually did something way awesome. We went with 2 members like 40 minutes away by car to a small town and doored there. We were trying to find a lady that is in our records and lives there but we have no address. Well we went on splitz and the 2nd house we doored into a nice older lady let us in! Not the one we were looking for, but still! We taught her and set up another appointment! She was way cool! That's a solid testimony to me of how when we stick to our plans and tell our Father in Heaven where we will be and what we will be doing  He then places people there and uses us as a tool in His hands to help His children! 

I love Missionary work. Its the best work ever. Its so great being out here! The Lord is watching out for us! Being a Missionary rocks!Thanks for the love! I love you all so much <3

Elder Rodgers <3

I have asked Tanner to send me pictures of where he is has been living, so today he did

Gorgeous night!!

My Kitchen

Study Area!!

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