Monday, December 8, 2014

Ein Heiland ist uns geschenkt worden.....Week 6 in Klagenfurt

     Another week gone by, another email coming your way! But my forearms hurt... #enduretotheend I can do this! I believe. I want to share a cool thought. There is a scripture in the Book of Mormon in Alma 32:27 and it is one of my favourites to use in teaching. It talks about how having even only a small amount of desire to believe is all that we need. Let this desire then work in you! So in church we had a lesson and the thought that came to me from it was... Missionary Work! 

     Do you have the desire to help bring someone closer to Christ? Even if this desire is way small. Is it there? That's whats important! We can all do missionary work... if we have but a desire to try it! And so with that... I'd like to throw out an invitation!
Go to this website ....

     ... and watch the video and then SHARE THE GIFT! It's probably way easier cuz you all have Facebook and stuff... but find ways to SHARE THE GIFT! It's a way simple way to do Missionary Work! So if you have the desire... let this desire work in you... exercise a little faith and watch what amazing things you can do! So I challenge you all to go share the wonderful message of Jesus Christ! I'm gonna do it! 

     I had a great learning experience this week. In focusing on the talk " Lord, Is It I"? by President Uchtdorf. I was able to put forth into action that what I learned. I made a list of things that other people did that bugged me and that I think they could do better. But instead of sharing it with them I made that list MY list and set a goal to improve myself in all those ways that I thought others could improve themselves. It was a big step for me! But really cool to go through that process! I'm on the start of it this week, I'll let you know how it turns out! 

     I have a miracle story! So....the neighbours to our Bishops Family, they have seen us quite often as we go to the Bishops house. We have also done some "Pixying" or "Doorbell Ditching" with brownies and stuff like that to the Bishops house. Well they see us sometimes I guess... And so they asked the Family what we were doing and who we were. Well that allowed the Bishops family to tell them about the Elders and then we heard of this. So next time we went we brought the neighbours  brownies! They weren't home, so we left them on the table outside. Well... they gave the plate back to the Bishops Family... and asked what they could do for us! And through this... it has led to the inviting us over for supper! So... We have an appointment with them tonight! Wayyy cool eh? It,s gonna be great! So cool! Such a blessing!

So I'll report back on that next week! 

     I'm happy! Life gives us so many reasons to be happy!Yeah, there is sadness and stuff too... but with Jesus Christ we can all experience changing and lasting happiness! Be happy! 

Well... I think im gonna get that sickness that people get when they type too much... Carpel Tunnel? If that's not what its actually called... then delete that mom! hahaha Well. I bid thee all farewell for another week! 

Remember what we are celebrating! And Who we have to thank! 
I love you all!

Elder Rodgers <3

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This weeks cool find!

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