Sunday, December 28, 2014

Frohe Weihnachten!.....Week 8 in Klagenfurt

     Yes. Its Christmas! Thats right. You may be thinking that I'm getting homesick and stir crazy in this beloved time of year! BUT.. I'm not! I do have to admit though... through all of my time here on a mission.. I have been homesick/trunkie once.. only ONCE! and I bet you'd never guess when. It was the end of my 1st Transfer in Wiener Neustadt when Belly River was happening :) Belly River... the cause of my sorrows. Ok. But not really sorrows.. just distracted thoughts! And now I'm distracted. Wow its Christmas! 

     Christmas! Such a wonderful time of year. Ahh a lot of food too. Holy mac a ton of food! I'm 2 paragraphs into this email and I'm already out of ideas to write about. I'm lost on what to say. Actually though. 

     Hmm....What did we do this week? We really met with very few people this week due to the Christmas rush. We met with a dude who was a former investigator. Well... HE has a few things... and we won't really be meeting with him much more. Not allowed.. lol

     Um. We went Carolling! And you know me... I only sing Taylor Swift when I'm driving.. other than that... not a singer. But I had support from missionaries and members so it wasn't like the worst! It was cold too! OK I'm kidding, it was 2°C.... not cold at all. I've become a wimp out here... In Canada I can tough a -25°C no problem (in shorts)... here... oh man I've lost it! We sang, sang, sang and sang. People even clapped! So we couldn't have been to bad. 

     Umm.... I'm stuck. This is like my worst email ever. It shows how much I didn't prepare for it. Let this be an example. Normally through the week I write down things in my planner on the Monday Notes Page so when I get here I have a list of stuff to write about. Well this week my page is relatively empty. 

     We just tried to spread the love of Christmas this week! Some good old dooring, people on the streets and in stores and everywhere. Ya. But like... nothing really this week. It flew by... but went slow in comparison to others as well. 

     I love the Book of Mormon. You should all read it and like give it to people to read and then watch how awesome it works! I love this place. Austria is so cool! I've gotten a German Christmas and and Austrian one too! I'm a lucky guy! Really... one of the luckiest people ever. So much to be thankful for! 

I'm thankful for all of you! I love you. Christmas is about love. LOVE PEOPLE!

I love you!
Merry Christmas to all of you!
Elder Rodgers <3

My finger puppet Nativity

We made Schnitzel! 


We also went to a members house this week and he is building a house. We have been helping on and off for the last while to build said house. This week we installed heated floors. We laid and secured the red tubing to the floor. Its was fun! and the house is coming together way good too!"

Ahh I love this tree picture, so pretty!

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