Monday, January 26, 2015

Die Kraft der Befreiung....Week 13 in Klagenfurt

     Hey hey hey. I think that this week will be hard to fill in because again... I am unprepared with thoughts. Therefore I will proceed to attempt to recount that which I experienced this week. Have you ever thought about where you are? What you're doing? Like in a very... non deep way so to say. Like me. I was laying in my bed and like it came to me... I'm laying in my bed... IN SOUTHERN AUSTRIA. Flip Elder! Then again the next day. I'm talking to this guy... in Austria... speaking German... as a Missionary. Like it kinda blows my mind. Try it. Take a look at where you are this week, what you're doing and then think about how absolutely blessed you are to be where you are. Life is a blessing beyond compare.

     So now that it has been established that I live in Austria... oh yeah... I live in Austria and I speak German, so blessed! So we had a cool activity this week. Something missionaries may label as 'Calls'. Well I personally have had a lot of success with Calls on my mission. We simply go through records of people with phone numbers and no addresses and we call them. If they're in the phone contacts, the area book, anywhere. We call them. 

     One of the funnest things ever to do. You get to meet... but not meet... some wayyyyyyy different personalities. Every call is new. You really reach almost every type of person there is. And then when they ask how in the world you got their number of why you are calling, I love to be brutally honest with them! We are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and we would love to meet with you and talk to you about.... and the possibilities there are endless. So we called a dude, and he didn't answer... happens a lot. But then he texted us asking who we were. So I gave the spiel and my line was..... and we want to meet with you and teach you about the Restored Truths from Jesus Christ. 

     He asked if we were joking... like making fun of us... but then asked when we could meet lol. I was a little confuzed. But in the end... we made an appointment! And he wanted to bring his girlfriend too! Well we prepared like crazy for this lesson. And even role played it. Well he didn't come. Work went over and so we rescheduled for later... and he didn't come again. Oh how that ripped out my heart! We haven't been able to get in contact with him yet... ahh. You really have so many hopes for someone. Then they just stand you up and ahhh! Its so sad! We were like legit... heartbroken! But we will get him again! Sometime soon! 

     Got to meet with a few nice people this week actually. It was a good one. And there are so many things that hold people back. So many personal choices that limit someone from progressing or other factors. Ah. And I was really looking into something to share with people, and this week the topic turned to Agency and related type things. 

The one I want to share is found in 2 Nephi 9:45 and it says...  "O, my beloved brethren, turn away from your sins; shake off the chains of him that would bind you fast; come unto that God who is the rock of your salvation."

     Shake off those chains! It's a personal decision though. But I just love how it's described here. Shake off the chains that would bind you fast. There can be so many things that may hold you back. Personal, worldly, friends, the past. But like... we can choose to shake them off. No matter how heavy they are, or what they are or how many locks may be holding em together... It's up to you as an individual to take the action and make the decision to shake them off. Then the missionaries can help... then the Bishop can help... then friends can help. But before someone can help, you got to let yourself be helped. 

     It's your life! Don't let the chains hold you back any longer! Choose to follow Christ and choose to be free :) It makes all the difference! 

Oh man. I close with the words of an old friend.... I'm havin the time of my life! I love you all! Thanks for the support and the wonderful things you do! I love you!

Elder Rodgers <3

On the DRAU.. that's the river in Villach


A way pretty Bahnhof! (train station) 


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  1. He has grown so much on the mission. He has always loved the people but it is a deeper, wiser type of love and desire to share the goodness of the gospel with them. Always love reading his letters!