Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Es ist ja wunderbar!....Week 11 in klagenfurt

     Hello Friends and Family. I write this email last. I find that when I do so that ideas and witty comments are already running through my mind so it makes it easier for me to just sit and type rather than to sit and waste time thinking. Time is of the essence I say! This week was a great week! So many way cool things happened! Its weeks like this one that make me say... Oh I'm so glad I'm on a mission in Austria! Life is a gift. So glad I chose to accept it! 

     To start, I'll tell you all the transfer news! Elder Sumsion is leaving me here in Klagenfurt and he is going up to Munich! I will be getting Elder Brett Carr down here :) I have no idea who he is. So I can't say much about him! And then Elder Pope is headed to Wiener Neustadt, oh that blessed city! And Elder Miller will be here with Elder Bliss. I have no idea who he is either. Life eh? 

     So, Tuesday. Such an awesome day! We took a train out of Klagenfurt at 6:45am and headed up to Salzburg for Zone Training. We had a way good meeting. We were able to learn a lot about the Book of Mormon and simply about how to be way sicker missionaries. After all that was done, we got to stay up there for an exchange with the Zone Leaders. So I worked with Elder Plumb.

     First off, there are 4 Elders in the Salzburg apartment. We name it the palace. It's a glorious apartment. Well.... needless to say, 6 Elders there overnight... What a fun time! I got addicted to Honey Shreddies! We had a great time. I got to work in Salzburg as a missionary! So cool! 

     So Elder Plumb and I had a visit with a dude in Salzburg. He is less active but like... from 50 or so years back. He is so cool. He is American and is now like 86 years old. He lives here alone. Well. We had a way nice talk about families and stuff with him and he told us a ton of stories. Well. Turns out that his wife was a dress designer. Well... if you know the famous picture with Marilyn Monroe where she is in that one white dress and the wind is blowing it up a bit... a lil sketchy...well his wife was the designer of that dress... which sold for 4.6 Million Dollars. UH.... SICK! 

     He is such a wonderful guy! So kind! He kissed us both on the cheek as we left! So cute! So in putting that all together... I know him... he knows his wife... his wife knows Marilyn Monroe... So I'm like only 2 people away from knowing Marilyn Monroe... cool eh? 

     Well...The rest of the exchange was great too! We had a fun time! Then took a long 3 hour ride back to our city! And now we are here. 

     I wanna talk a little bit about motivations too! I read a lot in the Liahona Magazines we have here and I get so many good ideas from them. I read a wonderful talk on motivations and finding true joy. What true joy really means and how its such a crucial part to life. Even though the concept of Eternal Joy cannot be had or comprehended in this life we still have the ability to experience a part of that Joy and to choose to pursue it! 

     I think of many times in my life when I have had to motivate myself to get up and do something and how much power my mind had in those situations. I think that being motivated is mainly consisted of overcoming yourself and changing. Motivation to get out of bed. Motivation to go running. Motivation to do basically everything.There are a lot of components in a day that require motivation. So where does that motivation come from?

     I have no definite answer to that. But I've seen it come from many sources. Prayer especially. But I think also a huge part is recognizing the blessings of doing something, or in my case of being obedient. A motivated Elder is usually a happy Elder. I think motivations also lead to change. To change habits and to become more effective missionaries. Or people in general. And then... growth is evidence of change. One thing always leads to another. 

     I love how the Gospel and life are so connected. My testimony of the Gospel has become so solid. I love it so much :) It's a big motivator in my life! The blessings that I have seen, motivate me to go out and help others receive them too. Life is so wonderful! 

I hope you all have a safe and meaningful week :) I love you!
Elder Rodgers <3



Main City Square

Marilyn Monroe - The dress 

pic of the city in salzburg!

I found the moon! 

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  1. What an amazing story! I love the mountain photos he takes, you can just feel his love for them in his words and stories.