Monday, January 5, 2015

Tu's doch! ......Week 10 in Klagenfurt

     When life gets tough... hmm. How would you finish that sentence? I think there are innumerable ways to do so.. but I think that there would be one common theme and it would surely have to do with the Gospel. I filled in that sentence this week. We planned for the day.. and we had a block of nothing to do. So I said to myself...when life gets tough, you just gotta door! So we did so :) 

     It has been a long while since I've had to refer back to dooring for a main activity. But oh did we ever. The last day of 2014, New Years Eve... we doored! Oh it brought such a good feeling with it! It was so fun! So we picked a little section of houses just on the outskirts of Klagenfurt where we would start. And when we got there via bus... we realized that the houses were like way spread out... a really rich area and that it was on a hill. By the last house we had gained like a solid 150 feet of elevation. SICK! 

     We were out for 3 hours and almost got to all the doors in the little area. By the end we had doored 91 doors. Out of those 91, 4 told us we could come back...   4/91  That's a 4.4% immediate success rate! Way good! The potentials we got were way good! We came home super happy! A good way to close out the year! 

     So we got home and then made a big Schnitzel dinner together and we just hung out for dinner time. We went to bed and didn't end up falling asleep... and then the fireworks started and just like Germany last year... Austria blows up on New Years! So we enjoyed the show from the window and then we hit the hay. Good day! I enjoyed it! 

     We had a slower week again lesson wise. We were able to meet with this way awesome guy who is 89 two more times this week. HE is so funny. He told us that he will die soon. We actually fear that he will die as we are teaching him.. lol and he told us that when we die... he will come and pick us up at the gates of Heaven. Oh such a boss! So good! HE is so funny! He proceeded.... then we can go teach all those people about Christ and stuff. HA he is so cool! 

     I saw the new theme for Mutual this year.... EMBARK! Ok. Like I wish I was still a youth person so that I could be part of this epicness. But I guess I still am part of it in essence. ITS SO SICK! The website to the main page is... and I think its so stellar! 

     Oh man so cool! "Oh ye that embark in the service of God". "Oh ihr, die ihr euch in den Dienst Gottes begebt"! 

     We had a really motivational  Sunday lesson too. Motivation seems to be tightly associated with New Years. Well the main sentence that was mentioned was.. translated to... "Just do it". Kinda like Nike.. lol

     Well, in German its said as "Tu's doch"! And I like that too. Well, it added on to my thoughts on Faith last week. We just gotta get up and do it! And then I had an email today with an epic line. It said...  “Progress always involves risk, you can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first". 

     Isn't that way sick!!!!!! Oh so cool. Just gotta do it and try and learn and go and trust! So many aspects to being motivated. But no matter how much motivation you got... it wont turn into anything until you.... JUST DO IT! 

Life. Full of Miracles and Blessings. I love it too much! 
I love you all so much! I hope that you have a great week full of love and goodness! 

Elder Rodgers!!!!! <3

While out dooring!

Woody! (always been his favourite Disney show)

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  1. Yeah Elder Rodgers working hard every day and every week! Such a great kid!!!