Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fußball und Freunde!...Week 15 in Klagenfurt

     I'll be honest. This week flew. We could compare this to like... a hockey puck being shot by Brent Seabrook. Like she went a flying! This next week may even go faster too... I will be spending 2 nights away, one in Salzburg and one in Rosenheim. On the road for 3 days. I'll talk about that next week though. But... we also had a lot of things going on through the week, thus making it fly.

     To start - I don't know if you can remember back, but on April 12 I was in Wiener Neustadt with Elder Kingery, who is now home, and we found a guy. Like the sickest guy ever. Well... we met with him a few times, and time went by. I attended his Military Graduation and found out that I was being transferred to Klagenfurt. In calling him to tell him that... he informed me that he was stationed in Klagenfurt... lol ok! So here, I've met up with him a few times and we have had some run ins with each other. Well, 3 or so weeks ago he fell 450 feet off a cliff in a skiing accident and is somehow still alive. He shattered the whole left side of his body though. It's a mess. We got to visit him for a little bit in the hospital this week. It was a quick little hello but nice to see him again. I've know him for like 10 months now and he is just so cool! 

     He was very quick in admitting that it is a miracle he is still alive and that God really does play a part in our lives. It just strengthened my testimony even more that miracles really do happen. Like seriously.... he should have died. Ah its insane. But he has a good attitude about it! 

     Moving on... We had our ward conference yesterday! Woooo!! It was awesome because so many people were there! As missionaries we endeavoured to go out and invite as many less active members to this as we could. We had invitations and we went out and we really got to a lot. In just 2 days all together we had given our about 25 or so to less active families or people. It was a good goal! Members also sent out 30 or so invitations by letter to other less actives as well. A real good push!

     Well Sunday came. We had 1 less active come! Success!! He even took part in the meetings and really had a good time. It was great! Small steps! We did what we could, and the rest was up to them. The member who we were working with didn't make it though. We have been meeting with him for the last 4 weeks and its been going better and better. But he didn't make it. Ah if you could understand the heartbreak when you stand at the door and expect people to come... and they dont. Ah its so not the best feeling ever. But there's a renewed hope every week! Ah! #hope!!!

     Well... We made it up to Salzburg for Interviews with Pres! Way sick! We had like the coolest discussion on 2 Nephi 28:19-22. It was stellar! Call people to repentance! That's how it goes! Gotta raise up that voice eh? The train ride was nice, comfy and good! No mountains though cuz of the weather... darn! Next week! 

     Ok. The last event of the week was awesome. Our Ward Mission Leader Brother Mauch holds a soccer tournament every year. Its like international. Teams from everywhere can come. At this one we had people from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, America, Afgahnistan, some dudes from Paraguay (who live in Slovenia) and me! Canada! 

    So. Indoor soccer with like... a ball that doesn't bounce as good cuz like... we are indoors lol. It was a ton of fun. Got to play against everyone! We realized... wow we are not European. We were not very good at all lol. But all the people said that we were the best Missionary team they had seen in the tournament ever! So thats not too bad eh! We had a couple dudes from Afghanistan on our team, they play on a local team here and are actually pretty good. In the end we got dominated, lost all 6 games. We got 7th place! Our team didn't even score a goal haha! 

     The Paraguay team had a couple injuries and so I was over talking with them and became good friends actually. They are way cool. I got invited to play with em! haha I now like to say I played for the Paraguay National Team! Well I actually scored a goal with em! I scored on an Austrian! Thats like a miracle! It was a ton of fun. Met some way cool people there and had a ton of fun! It was great! 

Great missionary opportunity too! So cool :) Fun fun fun! Another week gone by. I look forward to this week! I wish you all a happy day and a splendid week! Love you!

Elder Rodgers! <3

In Salzburg across from Sound of Music Mansion

Castle by the mansion in Salzburg

Sound of music mansion and castle on the hill

We played Scum on the train

too snowy to get good mountain picts

I'm in a yellow pinnie lol. #mormonhelpinghands

I also got to sub in a few games for the Paraguay team
 cuz they had a few injuries. I played for Paraguay! hahaha

honey Shreddies. The love of my life for the last week!

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