Monday, February 16, 2015

Mission Spaß!....Week 16 in Klagenfurt

     I'm sure you are all so curious about my train rides. Well, I'll get to that I guess. All I can say in advance was we were in trains for like 12 hours in a 50 hour period! Yes... That is a long time. But my life is awesome regardless of how long I have to sit in a train. There are many reason for that. Like so many that I won't even mention them all, I'll just let you guess the rest. And so it was, a week gone by, faster than I think I could even comprehend to myself. You know it really gets to me how fast a week goes and how it never will be there again. I don't get it back. Its like... yes, I look forward to the future and so many things, but like.... I gotta look forward to living today as well. It's kinda important eh? Yes. It is. Even though I have a great desire to go sleep on P-Day and chill out... I'm not gonna get this day back, so I guess I should go do something and make it good! Goes along with making one happy as well. Where does time go?

     So. Leading up to our first train ride on Wednesday.... we really didn't have much time to do a ton. We helped out with setting up some stuff in the church and even had a wonderful eating appointment with like awesome members and it was great. Thinking back to that now I can hardly believe that that was this week. Really. So, Wednesday. Got on a train at 4:30 and got into Salzburg at 7:45. We went with the Elders there for a bit of food and then home to the apartment. And then for the evening we ate and chilled and it was awesome. Coolest part of Salzburg this time.... So we brought with us all our running gear and so we got up at 6 and went for a run down the river that runs through the middle of the city, over the "LOVE BRIDGE" which is that one with all the locks on it. It was way nice, then back home. A good run in the coolest place! 

     So then we got on a train... with all the Vienna Elders. That means Elder Oviatt! Ah how I love him! We had a great time catching up. He is the best! I miss him! So we got into Munich and then over to the church and then boom, more Elders! Like back to Ellwangen here, Elder Garrett and Spencer! All my old friends from Stuttgart Zone. It was such a reunion! 

     Then we had the main meeting. I cant even begin to explain all that was said. Elder Patrick Kearon was there and we heard a ton from him. It was so awesome! One of the things I got was the importance of stepping out of our patterned ways and doing new things to learn who we are and expand our understanding of ourselves. Like... he was so good! After him we had to rush to a train and barely made it! 

     So, Elder Carr and I stayed in Rosenheim Germany that night. Elder Carr's old area! We even had an appointment with someone from the ward! We ate Mexican Food! Ha it was a way good time! It was a ton of fun! And then in Rosenheim... Is the other Canadian! Elder Kastendieck! So I stayed over with Canada! It was way fun! In the morning, we again went running, this time in Germany through a park. I have the coolest Mission! We grabbed a few packs of Maultaschen before heading back (cuz you cant get that in Austria) and then headed to Salzburg where we met up with the other Elders. 

     We got on a train and came back to Klaggy. Way pretty ride that day! Then we had a ward activity that night and then in Saturday we had Primary Party type thing. We helped out there! We as Elders had a clown act that we did, it was cool! Ha, the kids enjoyed it. We had a good time! German speaking kids are so cute! Life is just kind of awesome! 

And then Sunday. And now today! I'm actually short on time so I got to run! But this week flew, I ran in 2 different countries and 3 cities. It was a great week! I am a happy dude, life rocks! Thanks for all the love from y'all! Happy Valentines Day to you all as well! Yay!

Elder Rodgers <3

the only 3 Canadians in the mission! all together on a train <3

How cute is Elder Oviatt! 


and more mountains. I never get sick of it!

his companions reflection in the window

Primary Party

We blew up all those balloons. Yes. 

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  1. Another great letter from Elder Rodgers! Love seeing the Canadians together, that's so fun for them!