Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Änderungen....Week 17 in Klagenfurt

     You know, I've come to realize more and more that when I come to emails on Monday and sit down and start reading things... I have realized more and more that I can now consider emails on Monday to be a spiritual experience. As odd as that may sound, cuz like.... I get the best emails from the best people! I learn so much from sitting here... I need to really start bringing a study journal with me and writing down what I learn. You think I'm the missionary and I should be teaching. Ha well that's true I guess, but I just wanna say thanks for all the wonderful emails and I'm grateful for how I feel when I read them! 

     But that also doesn't mean that Bradley and Parker and Logan need to stop telling me about badminton and snowboarding and camping and all that cuz like... I feel pretty good when I read that too you know ;) In essence don't change! Anyone! In the sense of emails I mean, cuz we all want to be changing. Change is a constant! But like... just change yourselves and stuff... Not your emails :)

     I got to be on an Exchange with Elder Bliss this week. Oh. Lol sorry, by the way - no transfer - I'm staying in Klagenfurt again... and so is the whole apartment! That means I will have lived with Elder Bliss for 4 transfers. Meaning as well that he is the 3rd person I will have ever lived with for 4 transfers. Elders Carlson and Oviatt being the first 2. 

     Ok back to Bliss. We got to work together. Well. The Wades... our lovely senior couple here who I don't think I've ever talked about. I'll do that now. They are like the sweetest and most helpful giving people ever. Elder Wade served in Klagenfurt on his mission 50 years ago... lol he is kinda old... but we have got him saying SICK now so its all good :) They rock and do so much for us its unbelievable! They took us out to a Chinese Buffet on Tuesday f on Tuesday for lunch. Ah such a lovely buffet. I like Chinese Food now too by the way. Wow change is good! 

    Wow...Back to Bliss. So after lunch we actually got caught up in a parade... cuz its like that time of year called FASCHING and like the people go insane and love to party and ya... so that caused a few delays. But then we went and taught a lesson. It was fun, he is always a guy with whom we can get a few great laughs in. Ya. And after we went out on the street and then made it home for the evening and had a good lil dinner. Life is great with Elder Bliss!

     Guess what. We run 3.4 km every morning Tuesday - Saturday! That's been going on for the last 5 weeks :) and now we are changing it a bit (cuz change is good) and on Wednesday and Saturday we are going 5.8 km. We be getting fit up in Klaggy! I've taken the pleasure of losing 13 pounds in the last 6 weeks :) YES! Just felt like sharing that... <3

     Elder Miller put on an awesome fireside this week! Oh so good! We were at a members house and a lot of people actually came! We then heard Elder Miller explain all about his life back home and his personal conversion to the Gospel. It was an evening full of good stuff! He rocked it! We have the best Elders in Klaggy! I love living with these 3! 

     Story about Elder Carr now. Saturday evening we taught a great lesson. We have been meeting with a man who met with Elders a long time ago. He really has minimal interest, but he enjoys our company very much. Well, we really got into a position to bear testimony to him about the Hope that comes through the Plan of Salvation. It was great, I love the feeling of telling someone that there is so much Hope available! Ah its the best feeling ever :) He said we can watch the Restoration video next time :) Oh boy the Spirit pours out of that video!!!

Guess what. I write in an online Austrian newspaper! Cool eh? 
Yeah my life kind of rocks! Being in Austria is so cool! I'm basically Austrian! 
Life has so many blessings! Gotta count em everyday! Gotta be active about it all! Change is good in the end of it all! You all rock! I love you more than I can explain! 

Have a splendid week!
Elder Rodgers <3<3<3

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