Monday, May 12, 2014

Alles Liebe zum Muttertag!....Week 6 in Wiener Neustadt

     Well I am not too sure how it happened but women seemed to be a big part of the week. Everything I read or saw, it was about women. In a good way of course! 

                           Happy Mothers Day Mom! You are the best <3 

     OK we were at a meeting on Tuesday and Elder Gibbons who is so full of wisdom and awesomeness and who finished his mission Thursday said.....     "This is the point in our lives where we realize our parents were right"

     How awesome is that? And not to mention how true that is! I've totally seen how everything I was taught and all the lessons I learned from my parents... They were right! ha Good job Mom and Dad! You were right. Turns out they were right.. I wish I would have done everything they asked or said to to. I would have had a much bigger advantage now. 

     So then I thought about it. Does that likely mean that our Heavenly Father will be right in the end too? I'm willing to bet Yes! So that reinstated the desire in me to follow every commandment and obey with exactness in everything. I may not agree with something or understand why... but in the end.... He will be right. So it would be wise for me to follow eh? Haha life lesson learned! We will get to the end of our lives, die, then realize that our Heavenly father was right. Hmmm. Think about that one eh. So cool! OBEDIENCE!!!

     Lol OK, then I was reading a conference talk from forever ago. It said...   "When you educate a man you educate an individual. When you educate a woman you educate a whole family." Like say whaaaaa? Lol the Apostle has spoken! That made me appreciate my mom more! Thanks mom! (I still love you too dad)!!

     OK.... Well this week was great. We have a baptismal date now! June 21st for Manuel! He is a boss! We are all way excited for that. It's gonna be awesome :) 

     Well let me see. I also learned a great lesson about service. I love service! It may be a little painful being bent over digging in a huge garden for 4 hours but oh man when you come to the end and see the fruits of your labours and see how much you have helped someone else, it just makes me smile! I have learned to love service :) More.. lol

     Well life is fabulous. I love Austria. I love my family. I love my friends. I love you! Life is worth it! Just keep smiling. In the end.. you'll realize why. Have an awesome time! And for all my family and friends going to Belly River... Have the best time ever! Say hi for me!

Love as always,
Elder Rodgers

Elder Gibbons. A boss!

Our Wiener Neustadt group!

Saying bye to Sister Garrett! See all of us through the windows and reflections ... :) 
and a creepy dude in the back left...

Typical Selfe!

Puchberg am Schneeberg... pretty place!

Playing MR. X  it's a fun game!

Palatschinke  Not bad eh?

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  1. Well I tried to comment on this yesterday from my mobile, to no avail! This is the kind of letter all parents pray to receive and rejoice when it comes. I love his testimony of following your parents' counsel! Great photos, too--Sis Garrett was Sis Henry's companion in Jan-Feb, I can't believe it's time for her to go home.