Monday, May 26, 2014

Die Liebe, die man in den Schriften findet!....Week 8 in Wiener Neustadt

     Missionary work is the best. Hands down the funnest job anyone could ever have. Hard to even call it a job. I don't think jobs are supposed to be this fun. More like the best Opportunity ever. Yeah, that sounds better. 

     I think last week I wrote a lot about Miracles. Well its like the same this week. But more so the fruits of these Miracles. So we were able to teach a solid 6 lessons this week! The most I've ever taught in a week by the way. Two of them were to 2 people who are now new investigators. And 1 is the coolest! OK I will talk about him soon. 

     I felt this week that as a companionship we really had the spirit with us. In everything that we did we were going with the spirit! It was just good! We worked well this week. 

     OK well I really can't find a pattern to this. Like the writing isn't flowing as it sometimes does. So I'll just write about a way cool story. So the name is Mario. I don't like using names but this time I will. So 2 Sundays ago he was brought to church by a friend who is a recent convert. He really seemed to enjoy it here. We set up a lesson on Thursday and then taught him. We started out the lesson pretty bad I'd say. We didn't have a good flow. We were a little shaky but then we got on track. We even committed him to baptism at the end and he said yes. We call it a soft commitment cuz we don't have a date to it. Well the lesson was great and the spirit really testified to all of us. So yesterday in church he came again. After we were talking and he asked a lot about baptism and what the process to that is, like how long it takes before someone can be baptised or what someone needs to do before. So we talked about that and we have another lesson Thursday and will discuss that further, hopefully we will set a date for him! And he is coming to the baptism here on Saturday too! It'll be awesome for him. 

     So we are way excited for that! And then of course the baptism on Saturday! Gonna be awesome. We had a great few lessons this week with him and he definitely got his confirmation that this is the way to go. We had an awesome experience where the Spirit testified deeply to him that he is doing what's right. He is so ready for Saturday! We almost got everything ready. Its gonna be great! Super excited for that. 

     Well what else. We did a lot of service this week too. I'm getting a pretty good tan! Too much sun here. It's like awful! I've lost almost 10 pounds in these last 2 weeks just from eating a little less for meals and doing a little exercise. The sweating while walking just makes us lose weight lol. Its not bad. I weigh less now than I did when I came out on my Mission. Not bad not bad! hahaha

     I'm still reading in German in the Book of Mormon. I'm in Mosiah 28 now. I read 27 this morning. WOW! Read that chapter with the purpose for studying repentance and your mind will be blown from what you learn. And when you are done, read verse 30 of chapter 26 and then you will automatically be so much more thankful for the Atonement of Christ! Life is the best! We have so many blessings and so much goodness in our lives! So many blessings. So much love!

Life really is great! I love it so much! The work goes forward! Always! haha thanks for the love! I love it! 

Elder Rodgers <3

Lol a little shirt thing I made. My head and the arms belong to 2 other people. 
The bigger one is a girl.. that's why there are bracelets lol. 

Selfies lederhosen! 

Selfies lederhosen! 

And now lederhosen...

Posing lederhosen...

Ok they are so comfy. legit...

Posing lederhosen...


  1. He's totally got German blood in him! Lookin' sick! LOL!

  2. I can't believe he didn't get them earlier, they just suit him ;o) Such a happy Elder making a difference in people's lives daily.