Monday, May 19, 2014

Es gibt so viele Wunder!.....Week 7 in Wiener Neustadt

     Hello family, friends, acquaintances and anyone else who may be reading. I want you to know one simple truth... und zwar... Miracles happen daily. 

     Yes that is true. I have seen it! It's like a test. Count the miracles you find in a day! I've learned that when I try to do that, I am blessed with more. They are never ending. For example.....We were on a train like 4 hours ago. We were sitting there for about 15 minutes waiting for the train to go and just talking to each other. There was a girl sitting across and back a row. So only I could see her, but just barely. I noticed through the reflection of the window that she was looking at us quite often. Well about a minute later she came and sat down right across from us and introduced herself and asked if we were 'The Mormons'. We of course said yes! Well she said she had been looking into new religions and wasn't quite satisfied with hers at the moment. She liked what she had seen about us and so she wanted to know more. She gladly accepted a Book of Mormon and we will be seeing her at church on Sunday and hopefully through this week too. Ah man! She is too cool! Miracles, let me tell you. 

     This week seemed to go by quite slow in comparison to other weeks. We had some great member appointments this week and we saw even more miracles through the members. Which I will gladly explain right now. So Sunday at church we start with Priesthood, go to Sunday School then Sacrament meeting to finish. Well after priesthood we as missionaries got to the Aufbau Class, like an investigator class or where the principals of the gospel get taught. Well a new convert of about a year brought a friend to church! He Introduced him to us and now we will be meeting with him this week on Thursday! It was the coolest!! He is open to learning and trying new things. We feel very strongly about him. All because a member opened her mouth and invited a friend to church. Simple. But a miracle! 

          Members are awesome! 

     So this next week should be awesome! Our bishop has a friend who used to be an investigator who now wants to be baptized too. Hopefully in this next week we will be able to teach some more awesome people and get some solid new investigators. I am super excited for them! Its so cool! 

     On Saturday night we were at the church helping with a stake primary activity. There was a stake priesthood meeting going on at the same time so all the kids 8-12 were with us. We helped with a missionary workshop thing. There were a ton of different stations and we had to help the kids do different missionary things. I was in charge of the Morning Sport station. So we did that with the kids. It was super fun. Missions are the best! Kids understand that too! Ah we had a great time with that! I am so happy! haha it was a blast!

          Life is simply good. I am simply happy. I love it! 

     Oh and 1 more thing. Thursday and Friday it rained like nobodies business! Ha and there was strong wind too. We were outside and in the first 10 mins we were dripping water down our legs and everywhere. Umbrellas being flipped out and just a bunch of laughs. We heard this saying... Do The Hard Thing... in a conference here once. Well I can sure say we did the hard thing. We could of stayed home but we visited Less Actives and Potentials. Ha that was a builder for me and I loved it! haha

P.S...The baptism for Manuel has been moved. Its now on the 31st of May! He is awesome! Ha, 3 weeks earlier! OK that's all!

     The mission is the best! I love it so much! Thanks for the Love! I love you all! Have an awesome love filled week!

Elder Rodgers :)

Ok. Touch screen map! Elders are awestruck from it! haha

Not the best pic, but thats some of the Mall I went to

Pretty Clouds!

The many faces of me.... Duck lips with chips at dinner! 

Me with ham :)   1. Stretching

Me with ham :)    2. Stretching

Me with ham :)

Playing hide and seek :).... with ham

ok the real thing with the ham is that there's a game the sister told us about called 'Ham Slap'. So you hide and then hit people in the face with ham. its awesome. so the other elders slept over the other night so we got em so good! that's why... I have so much ham lol

 Pretty Mountain with snow!!!

in Puchberg am Schneeberg

in Puchberg am Schneeberg

in Puchberg am Schneeberg


  1. Hm Elder Rodgers needs to work on his stretching, Sis Henry definitely has the upper hand haha. So many of the photos of different missionaries were really similar this week, and they are all so beautiful and with happy smiling missionaries! I loved the miracle possible golden contact story, it will be exciting to hear what happens!

  2. I saw her doing the she just needs a piece of ham in her hand..haha