Monday, June 2, 2014

Und das Werk geht weiter!....Week 9 in Wiener Neustadt

    Well my loving Family and Friends. I would like to tell you that this week has been one of the coolest weeks ever! For all reasons possible. Ranging from Spiritual Highs to Personal Achievements and Fun. Life. Is simply the best!

I have a few announcements to make first...

1. To start off I would like to tell every mother to enroll their child in Sewing when they are in middle school. It should not be called sewing.. rather Mission Prep. I took to the needle this week and absolutely worked miracles on my pants. I fixed 3 pairs and now suddenly have way more variety in my outfits! Not to bad eh? hahahaha

2. OK I actually don't have another announcement. I just couldn't think of a new way to say that sewing thing.

So moving on!

     Well I'll start with what one would call... Things of the World... or what I'd call... My Personal Pleasures. So today is Pday. I went hiking. Climbed a mountain sogar! Sogar is german übrigens. Übrigens means by the way in German just for those who were a little confused there. (still confused? So what he said was Climbed a mountain by the way) Yes. We climbed the Schneeberg today.. The highest mountain in Lower Austria. Not too bad eh? I enjoyed myself a little too much. Like it was just the best. I was smiling the whole day. Brother Pillmann took us up there. It was a really cool climb. Just over 4 hours in total and like 3600ft of Elevation gained. For those who hike.. that's quite good! And for those who really hike.. It's kinda is like a mix between climbing Sofa and Crandel in Waterton. Both types. Ha way cool though! I was happy!

     OK moving on to the week then. I worked in Vienna on Tuesday on a Tausch (exchange). Lots to do. Taught 2 lessons there. It was a cool one. Too big of a city for me tho and it was pouring rain too. Then on Wednesday after our day we went back to Vienna and stayed the night with 4 elders because in the morning we went to a bahnhof (train station) in Vienna and ran off Elder and Sister Strong. So run off means when the train drives away we all run down the platform and chase the train for as long as we can. Its fun. Ha that was cool :) I enjoyed it! Then we came home and had our day.

     So that guy I talked about last week. Mario.We set a baptismal date with him! He really is a super guy! 3rd week in a row at church and we are doing lots with him. He is reading and doing great in making steps toward baptism. He is a super guy! Doing awesome :)

     Well the biggest part of the week was clearly the baptism on Saturday which was absolutely amazing! It was all in Spanish too haha with German translation. I was a witness with Elder Smith. And we also were in the circle when he got confirmed too. So he was baptized by his dad! Which was awesome! The spirit was so strong the whole time. The elders and sisters and our ward mission leader (who is Spanish) sang a song in Spanish! It was way cool. Its called 'I'll Find You My Friend' in English. Yeah. I sang in Spanish. Gift of Tongues to the max there. It was an awesome day! Everything went so perfect!

     This week was really great! Makes me so glad to be out here. So many good things happen everyday. It is amazing to see and be a part of. I love it so much! I really am blessed. The Gospel blesses so many people. In fact, everyone who wants the blessings from it can have em.Its just that simple. Come and get em!

Life is simple awesome!

Elder Rodgers <3

P.S  Hey I just found out that a girl me and Elder Carlson found in Ellwangen is being baptized in 2 weeks! dude! So Awesome!

Selfie! on the train



signed the register found in the cairn at he top

Elder Smith & Tanner on top

On top of  the Schneeberg

Hiking with Bro. Pillmann

Happy to be hiking

What a view

The Book of Mormon to the top

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