Monday, June 23, 2014

Leben is schön!.....Week 12 in Wiener Neustadt

Another Week. Already? 

     I think by the end of my Mission ill have some problem with my wrists from writing so many emails! But ja, its worth it! 

     I wanna start out with a way awesome thing I learned today! We just had a lesson like an hour ago. We were able to introduce the Book of Mormon using 2 comparing Scriptures from the Bible and Book of Mormon. We started by reading Matthew 11:28-30 and talked about how when we come unto Christ, that He will always be there to help us. No matter where we are in life. Then we talked about how the Book of Mormon supports the Bible in teachings. We shared Moroni 10:32-33 and showed that this was written on a different continent at a different time, yet it contains the same everlasting truth that when we come unto Christ and let Him help us, we can be made strong and we can find happiness.  

     I am happy. Are you happy? I know that if we come unto Christ whether we are already on the path or not quite there yet, it will open the gate for you to be happy! It's so simple. It's harder to live without Christ, than it is with Him. Ah I want everyone to understand that! Haha we need to make posters and tell the world! LIFE CAN BE HAPPY!!! Even with trials. I've gotten to the point where I ask for trials because by getting through them, I become happier! Happiness. Whoda thought that it came through trials? BUT IT DOES! Cuz we learn!

Life is awesome.

     This week was a trial in itself. Together we did not teach a lesson. We had more than 7 different scheduled appointments fall out though. But through the process of fall outs we found some people who we may not have found if we hadn't had the fall outs. Everything has its purpose. 

     A really cool thought I got this week was in our District Meeting. We were talking about Success. We read together in 3 Nephi 7:17-18 and here is Nephi. It says that Angels Ministered to him daily. Well man how can I have Angels ministering to me daily? And then suddenly the wicked thought came into my head... 2 Nephi 32:3 where it says that Angels speak by the Power of the Holy Ghost. So then I thought - Nephi was a successful Missionary. He did so many wonderful things. And he was successful because he followed the promptings of the Spirit which were given to him. He had the Spirit working through him. Then, I thought, if I feel the Spirit working through me too, that would mean that angels are ministering to me. Thoughts that come into my mind through the Holy Ghost telling me where to go what to do and who to talk to, are indeed angels ministering unto me. 

Is that not cool or what? 

     The scriptures have become one of my best friends. I cant even believe how different I see them now as before. There is so much to be learned and so many simple comparisons and simply so much goodness to be found in the Scriptures. Come unto Christ and learn of Him! 

It makes you Happy!
It makes me Happy!

     I love people so much. I love the experiences that I have collected. I love everything about the people here and the wonderful work which I am able to be taking part in. This life is the great! Imagine the next... :)

Have a wonderful Week! Stay safe!

Elder Rodgers <3

The biggest Schnitzel Cordon Bleu EVER!!! It was so good!

The Church!

Bahnhof Selfie!

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  1. What a fantastic message--so true. The Gospel has brought so much joy into my life!