Monday, June 16, 2014

Veränderungen......Week 11 in Wiener Neustadt

     To start I'd like to wish my Dad a Happy Fathers Day! You're the best buddy! I hope you had a lovely day! Thanks for helping me be me!

     Transfers are Thursday. We are staying together here in Wiener Neustadt :) I'm glad!

     Wow. I'm sitting here at this computer again and I'm looking back through the week and I really can't come to think of what happened. I don't just wanna make this a list of what my days were. I wanna try and throw in experiences and make it meaningful, you know? I've had a lot of thoughts this week about Positivism (being Positive). Haha don't fret, I'm not getting depressed or nuttin. I just want to be more positive! But in the same sense I don't wanna come off as that hyper dude who doesn't take life seriously and no one can talk to haha. So I was trying to find how I could do that better.

     We had a day this week where I was about to give up and be blah! It was 35°C with no wind. We had absolutely nothing before us. We studied. I studied hope. Then we went out at noon into the blazing heat. Before we left the apartment I was sweating. We ended up going by on a lot of Less Active Members. We got to a little town and then pulled out the map to find where a person lived and realized it was way in the middle of this field thing. From the train it took us over an hour to walk there. Then of course it was the last house at the end of the street. And he wasn't home. And we had to walk back. Now I was trying my absolute hardest to be positive and from that I learned a valuable lesson. I control my attitude in every circumstance. I choose whether something affects me and drags me down or I can choose to go out and do what the Lord expects me to do because I know He will help me through it.

     That was important for me. My studies have been doing well lately. I am making them more topic based and therefore learning more and off of what I learn I am setting goals. Now I just need to record results and be accountable to myself for what I do. Then I believe I will start to improve.  

     We had our final conference with President and Sister Miles this week. I will really miss them a lot! They taught me so much. Our day was awesome, we were so well taught and uplifted! It was great! Just a wonderful day in Vienna. I really enjoy the time we have to meet with one another and to learn from others. I feel like I always come out with some way to improve myself. I just need to make sure I follow through with it now!

    Friday and Saturday there was a huge Youth Weekend thingy here. We were able to help out with it, doing lots of stuff! It was really fun! I got to know a ton more youth, mainly from Vienna lol, but nonetheless it was good! We were able to play sports with them and also help out in the kitchen and with other teaching activities. It was a really cool weekend.

     Life here is good. We had 4 people in church yesterday :) A real Improvement! Life is great! I am happy! If you wanna be happy go on a mission. It'll change ur life! It sure has changed mine. I love this place and the people I have been fortunate enough to know. They are my friends.

Have a wonderful week everyone :) I love you all :)

Elder Rodgers <3

Took a journey to Semmering this week!



Semmering and me!

President and Sister Miles

Elder Peterson

Elder Moon! He is going home :(

Sister Allman

Happy Canada Day (July 1)

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