Monday, June 30, 2014

Und es geht weiter!.....Week 13 in Wiener Neustadt

     Have you ever taken the time to read the Liahona? Or the Ensign? I think that's what it's still called in Canada. Well go into it and read the stories! And especially the Latter Day Saint Voices part! Those are awesome stories! I have been reading so many articles in the church magazines recently and its helped me in so many aspects! That's my challenge, become familiar with them, they rock! 

     I had an awesome experience this week! I got to work with a missionary who had only been in the field for 5 days! I learned so much from his humility! Ahh it's amazing. We call it 'Golden Faith', the new missionaries always have that little edge. Well, we taught a lesson and did some awesome finding. We have been using Family History in finding more now and it's working well. It's interesting! Working with a younger missionary for a couple days makes it so clear to see how the Lord works through his Missionaries. Such a boss! I learned a great lesson. 

     OK there was something said in our lesson in Sunday school that stuck out to me a lot. The teacher (who is a boss!!!) said something like... 'Time allows for a greater appreciation of things. As we go through life we learn to appreciate the little things more and more'. Something like that. Well so true! I've come to love my family so much more from not seeing them for so long. Sounds harsh maybe.. lol but like I just realize how awesome you all are and that I miss spending that time with you. Thus allowing my appreciation to grow. It's a blessing I think. 

     Well Manuel went back to Spain this weekend. Sad for sure! But he will be good there! We taught some good lessons this week and had some fall outs again. I think I say it every week but this next week is gonna be the best week ever! It'll be a gooder. We have so much planned! 

     I'm running out of ideas to write about. Family History and Agency have been the 2 biggest topics on my mind recently. Agency is so cool and applies to everything. Missionary work too of course. So like... think about it. I learned this all from Elder Gibbons. He said it so well. But like everything we do here is based on our attitude. Whether we have fear, or choose not to do something, it comes down to us... haha its amazing to realize each day how much power I have to control things. I control a whole lot more that I thought I did. Ah just think about that!

     I love my mission. This place is the best. People are the best. Happiness is all around. I got to give a blessing today. Its cool to see my improvement. It came a lot easier this time and the German wasn't a hold up. I was able to really help someone out today. Blessing others is a blessing for me. I'm just happy. Wanna be happy? Go on a mission! haha

I love it! Have a great week! I love you all! 

Elder Rodgers!

We have amazing skies!

Got really good hair this day! Haha

At the church for an activity so they decided to
have some fun with pictures



  1. YES MORE SISTERS GOT LEDERHOSEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. sister Henrys red lederhosen still win!