Monday, July 21, 2014

ann überhaupt nicht übersetzen... :).....Week 16 in Wiener Neustadt

Hallo liebe Familie und Freunde! 

     I'm out of words to say for this week because I used them all up in sacrament meeting yesterday! I'll get to that in a minute...

     I would venture to call this week... The Half and Half week. I was half with Elder Smith, half not. We were on 2 Tausches this week. So after our journey on Monday up the magnificent Schneeberg we had a meeting in Wien on Tuesday which was very well put together and very well done. Then started Tausch #1. Elder Kingery. 

     Elder Kingery. We came back to Wiener Neustadt. We got here just before 5 because the meeting was long. We taught German and then went home for dinner. But that night we opened up the windows and leaned out the window looking at the sky for over an hour. Counting airplanes and watching the wonderful sunset that we get every night in Wiener Neustadt. That was awesome. I love taking some time to watch the sky and just think. 

     Wednesday we then proceeded to do missionary work then travelled to Wien to tausch back. Elder Smith and I spent that evening together at a lesson. Way cool :) Then came Thursday. Tausch with Elder Gomez Torio.

     Elder Gomez Torio. We came back to Wiener Neustadt. Went to our Missionary Council meeting thing with the ward mission leader. Went to a lesson. It was so sad. We actually were dropping him. And he was so sad at the end. He even punched my arm when I told him we wouldn't be coming back. But he really wasn't making progress or doing anything we had asked him to do. It was sad for sure. We taught German then had another meeting. Lots of meetings on a mission... haha

     Friday we tausched back, had an eating appt. Ya. Sport Evening. Played soccer with some cool people! Then it was already Saturday... on which we did lots of heavy lifting at a service activity. Tons of marble man. Holy Cow so heavy! Great lunch! Then a few things to do then, ya. 

     Time really just flew this week though. Ok then Sunday... hahahaha so funny. It made my week! So there was a baby blessing so we had a ton of visitors! Then some other random visitors decided to come too. So we had almost double the ward size. Well there was a family from California. So in Sacrament I got to translate. So we have a microphone and I sit on the stand beside the piano and translate and the listeners have a headset. Well... I understand German fine. I speak it fine. But translating is so hard! 

     I translated the Baby Blessing, all the announcements and whatnot. Calling and releasing of High Councillors. Wow. Ok then Elder Smith was the first speaker. The hardest thing with this is listening, saying it in English and then as I'm saying it, listening for the next line. Its so crazy! I cannot multi-task. I grew in respect for women. Well American German, I could handle that. Slow speaking. Clear. Then you get the real German speakers... Wow! The 2nd speaker started with a picture and the whole first part of the talk was based on this picture. Well I couldn't see the picture so I was lost. After the words I finally guessed it was a flower and confirmed that by looking to the Americans and saying in my mike " I assume its a picture of a flower right?"  They nodded. Well by this point I had missed the next 5 lines haha. It was a mess. At points I'd just say into the mike, "Sorry, I totally missed that" or " I really didn't understand what she said". Ha it was hilarious. At least they got something out of it! And the last speaker used a thousand scriptures and quotes and I didn't have English scriptures or the quotes lol so I just had to summarize them in my own words. hahah I was a mess. But so funny! Won't be forgetting that any time soon! 

I love life. I love my Mission! Its the best thing ever! What a great place to be! And to learn! I love it!

Have a wonderful week :)

Elder Rodgers <3

Sick Sky eh?


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  1. Isn't it such a great opportunity for them to be able to translate meetings?! Of course he cracked me up with his "I grew in respect for women" comment, that is so Elder Rodgers haha! It's always sad to drop an investigator, but sometimes it ends up helping them in the long run. Often it just takes a lot of time and interactions with the Church for someone to be prepared to make covenants.