Monday, July 14, 2014

Liebe; das Thema der Woche....Week 15 in Wiener Neustadt

     Oh I love being a Missionary! It is the coolest. In absolutely every aspect. It is simply the coolest thing in the world! Everyone should go serve a Mission. Couple Mission or anything. Go do it! Its the best! 

     I love so many things. I've become a lil... maybe say... infatuated... with the aspect of Love this week. I've always loved the concept of love. But I took it to a new level this week and applied it in everything I did. It made a huge difference. To me. I looked into different qualities of love and just like.. every aspect of it. Well ok there are hundreds but every study was revolved around that. 

     It started with the Talk from this last conference from President Monson... " Love, The Essence of the Gospel". Well if that didn't just spark me right up.. MAN! Go read that talk! Its so good! So good! I also really enjoyed the talk "I Have Given You an Example" by Elder Scott. I think that one applies to many situations. Especially to those who are trying to help others come back to the Gospel. It really is great. Gives a ton of ideas on how to help others. I love talks! 

     Had another P-day today...Just another nonchalant day in the office.... I went Hiking... I love my Mission. Ha our area is great! We went and hiked up the Schneeberg again today! It was was great! I love the things I get to do on my Mission. I have the best Mission in the World. No offence to anyone else's Mission. 

     Last Tuesday we took a wonderfully long train ride to visit the city of Salzburg. The weather wasn't  exactly the most beautiful so I couldn't see all the mountains and enjoy the scenery to the max.. but it was still great. What a cool city! We met there with our new Mission President and his family. Way cool people! Its gonna be awesome having them as our Mission Leaders. I got to see a bunch of my other Missionary buds too! Its been a while for some of them! Ah so wonderful! I love Missionaries! 

     The Train rides were long. But we were with other Missionaries so it was fun lol. About 6.5 Hours total on that day. Lots of it. 

     We were actually dropped by 4 investigators this week. That's a pretty good hit eh? So goes it by the work! Sad. But hey. Maybe another time! Now we just gotta go find some more new people who will love the Gospel! YEAH! 

     I gave a couple blessings this week :) I love that. I can so totally feel the Spirit working through me when I do that. I love that feeling. I love the Power of the Priesthood. This Church is so true!

     I love my Mission. I love people! I love everything! Life is so good! I am so glad to be on a Mission. Its the biggest blessing ever! Life is simply awesome!!!

Have a wonderful week! Love you all!

Elder Rodgers :)

Met up with some friends while in Salsburg

Good ole Elder Graver

Caught in the rain! Got a little wet

Hike up the Schneeberg

Schneeberg Mountain

David, Elder Me, Elder Phillips, Elder Curtis, Elder Smith


Workin' the way down!

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