Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Love Life.......Week 19 in Klagenfurt

     Wow... So I got some cool stories that fill in this week! But I guess there are a few that I really cant share... for now at least! So you'll have to remind me to tell you those when I get back! But I was looking for the small things this week and found many! Taking the time to count the Tender Mercies that we see each day really helps in making each day special! It was a nice week for me :) A real booster! So many people that make life sweet :) Everyone plays a piece!

     So I have to start with my favourite story from this week. It was Thursday and we went out to lunch with one of our really old (89 yrs old) investigators. We are more like.. friends lol. But he invited us out. So we got there and sat down in the back room and almost all the tables in that area were reserved. So we got an empty one and sat and then ordered. Well, the Klagenfurt Men's Hockey Team then came in..HA! A bunch of 20ish year old dudes and their coaches. 

     So there was actually quite a bit of English going on. Many of the players are from all around the world - like... people who come to Europe to gain experience and so forth. Well all the English made me pay attention and I heard "Eh" tossed out a few times. Well they all left before us and the coach and one player were still there and they were speaking in English. Right as they left I said Excuse Me to the coach and simply said I heard English and was curious. He asked where I was from and then proceeded to tell me he has Family in Calgary and he is originally from Ontario. HA! 

     So there you have it. The Coach of the Klagenfurt Hockey Team is Canadian! That's so sick eh! That was really cool. 

     So on the bounds of hockey again. We are now instituting a sport evening here at the church on Fridays. We play floor hockey! HA so I got to play hockey this week for the first time on the mish. It was fun! It looks like as the weeks go it it will develop to be bigger and bigger! Its gonna be good :) 

     This week I was able to have my 20th Birthday. Yay! And we have the Wades here... and the Wades are the best at taking care of Missionaries! So we got invited out to lunch and also got a huge pan of Eclair-cake! Sister Wade to the rescue! I had a great day, missionaries really take care of missionaries! I love them! 

     We had a few other lessons with people this week. It's a real pleasure to teach in German. I really enjoy that and I'm glad to be able to do that so often! Its a short letter this week, I have to run because we are going hiking in the Alps in 2 hours. Gonna go climb a mountain! Birthday gift from a member! 

I love it here, I love learning and doing all that stuff :) LIFE IS THE BEST!
And boy is it worth it! all I learn, all I experience, is for the better! 

All the best to you all! I love you!
Elder Rodgers <3 <3

Not too many pictures this week due to rushing to go hiking

This is how much milk we go through in 1 1/2 weeks

My favourite chocolate was on sale - Ritter Sport

I like to play with my chocolate

in case you missed how much I had in the first 2 picts

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  1. So jealous of the Rittersport at Austrian prices haha!
    Great letter, he sounds so happy, although all of the blog fans are disappointed we don't get to hear the stories =)