Monday, September 8, 2014

Dankbarkeit, sie spielt eine große Rolle....Week 23 in Wiener Neustadt

     A new era begins. That's actually now true, mainly because I'm not too sure what an era is. What I'm trying to say is that I'm going to be staying put in Wiener Neustadt for another transfer. That puts me up to 5 transfers here! Wow. 5 in Ellwangen, 5 here. I know nothing else but these 2 places! MY HOME! So that's the news of the week. I, along with everyone else, expected me to be going somewhere else, but rather, I'll be staying here till the middle of October at minimum. Wow eh? Take it as revelation... Got some unfinished business here! Gonna work harder to finish whatever that may be. 

     We will actually be losing the Sisters here too and instead will be getting 2 new Elders. That's a change for sure. I think it has its ups and downs. This ward loves Sisters, and having Sisters in an area is so handy! They will be missed! But 4 Elders... is way awesome too! I'm looking forward to an awesome transfer! I'm really excited for it!

     Well this week, most of our focus was thrown into looking forward to Saturday! But we still had a week of work :) I was in Wien with Elder Ringger! Oh what a lovely man he is! He will be our future Prophet! He is full of wisdom and honesty and awesomeness. Wait for it...It'll happen.

     We had lunch provided for us Wednesday through Friday... 3 different families... 3 different meals... I love Wiener Neustadt. Our members rock so much! the more I think, the happier I am to be staying here. I couldn't say goodbye! Time is too precious!

     I've been trying to think of a spiritual something to share. I have just finished Helaman in the Book of Mormon. Samuel the Lamanite... He is a brave man. Helaman, the Book, is full of random sections of huge, deep, powerful scriptures. Like, so many things that just stick out to me. AHH! The Book of Mormon is so cool.

     This next week for us is already almost fully planned! Its cool! We have a full week coming up! I'm excited to start er off good! 

     Hmm. I read something cool from Dieter F. Uchtdorf about gratitude. It was from his talk from the last conference. 

Can you believe conference is almost here again! YESSSSS!!!!

     Ok. He said... Gratitude is the catalyst for all other Christlike Attributes. Wow That's pretty sick eh? It goes on about being grateful in all circumstances of our lives. Realizing that not everything is bad, but is there for a greater and wiser purpose. We may not realize why at the time, but we can be grateful! Ties in with staying here another transfer. I have no idea why... But I'm grateful and maybe later I'll come to see why. 

GRATITUDE... it can make all the difference! Try it :) haha

     Well I hope you all have a great week! I think of you often and I love everyone! And everything! Almost everything... you get the point :) 

Elder Rodgers <3

on a train car in Wien

A little bored?

Elder Durrant....Boyz!

He loves his sky pictures!

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