Friday, September 19, 2014

Hör nicht auf, mich zu lieben!.....Week 24 in Wiener Neustadt

     I am a little short on time today. I have been pondering of things to write right now. I can only come down to feelings and all that good journal filler stuff. So I think I'll pass, maybe a skim of the surface to suffice. This week was transfer week. A week of Goodbyes and of Hellos. I am lucky enough to be staying here... but that means I had to say bye to missionaries leaving! And it was sad! I lost a few great pals in Wien and we lost our Wiener Neustadt Sisters! 

     It was so sad watching Sister Smiley pack and leave! She was only here for 1 transfer. Ah I couldn't imagine that. Going somewhere expecting to be there for a long time and then having to leave so abruptly! Ahh it pains my heart that anyone would have to go through that! And then Sister Smiley out of all people. The ward was so sad. Sisters will be missed in WNS.

     But the news now is 4 Elders! Only thing is we aren't all living together... SAD. But that means maybe Sisters will be put back in here sometime. SICK! We were in Wien every other day this week starting with Tuesday. After Zone Training some of us hit up Herbs. The Schnitzel Place. YES! Such great Schnitzel! 

     This whole week, except for Tuesday, we had eating appointments with families. How crazy is that! And on Wednesday we had 2! Hahaha man oh man! Thursday we got to Wien later in the evening to pick up the new Elders and they actually missed the train... so we waited 2 hours on them. But Frau Martina was there! And so we had a good 1.5 hour chat waiting in Bahnhof :) 

     Saturday I had a meeting.. and then came home from Wien and we had a sick service project! It was great! And that's where my inspirational bottle of Coke came from! (see picture below) 
Thinking of the quote alone, I thought about when I would say that. Hard to think of a time. But then I imagined if Jesus said that. What that would in turn mean for us. Hmm. Deep thinking cap came on. 

-If ye love me, keep my commandments-

     Don't stop loving me. Don't stop keeping my commandments. It was like a renewed sense of commitment for me. Now I have that bottle sitting on my desk as a reminder for me to never stop loving Him. Cool eh? Missionary life is the sickest! 

I love Austria and especially Wiener Neustadt. This place is the bomb! Have a stellar week! Love you all a ton! 

Elder Rodgers <3

Sister Smiley

Dont stop loving me! message of the week!
(the bottle of coke he was talking about)

Saying goodbye to Elder Kingery 

Saying goodbye to Sister Smiley!

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  1. Thanks for posting, what a sweet letter! Love the thoughts from a Coke bottle =)