Monday, September 22, 2014

Ich liebe das Leben :).....Week 25 in Wiener Neustadt

     I Love Life :)......Another Week of life in Wiener Neustadt. It feels like forever ago that I got here but at the same time and on that note, it feels like I just left Ellwangen a little while ago! Time is so hard to judge. That's why... Journals and Pictures are so important! I was thinking about my journal recently. I'm on my 3rd one. But the one I have now is huge. Like the size of the paper. Its 36 lines of paper per page. It's been a goal to fill up every page for a day. So some days when all we do is email, nap, write a letter, shop, and eat with a member... it's hard to fill a page. So then the feelings come! I've had some way good heart to hearts with my journals. I've learned how to mix spiritual with a summary of the day with the Gospel with life. Its a mix of LOVE! <3

     And now, to this day, I love writing in my Journal and on days when I debate on skipping it and don't have the desire to... I think. Hmm. What if the Prophets in the Book of Mormon had no desire to write down their dealings with the people. What if Mormon had no desire to put all those together and be the way sick narrator that he is. And so, I'm not saying to the slightest that my journals are gonna be even close to the epicness of that... but maybe someday someone will be thankful that I wrote down what I did that day. How I felt when I taught the lesson, what someone said to me that changed my perspective on something, what I even ate that morning. But. I know I'll be thankful! 

     Pictures are important too. That's my new goal. It's to capture more memories with pictures! Of course in appropriate ways lol but still, using that better! Cuz I love pictures so much! 

     I had a really good Exchange this week. I was with Elder Abbott in WNS. We had a great time. We doored some buildings, ate some food, rode on trains and studied. It's a blessing to be able to work with other missionaries so often. You can really learn new tricks if you pay attention closely. There is always gonna be someone who does something better than me. Theres always a bigger fish. Theres always another trick. Goes hand in hand. I think... lol.

     Members are the best. I have learned that members are simply the best. They have so many 'ins' to everything! People to teach, language tips, missionary tips and simply being friends! Members are a huge help in this work! Don't ever underestimate your power as a member! 

     But this week, Sunday pulled out to be the best day of the week. We have been working really closely with a family from the middle east. They come to church, they come to activities and they are willing to learn. It's awesome! And we had a great lesson during church! They speak Arabic and a little German and some English. So we teach in English with Arabic text. Books and Pamphlets. Its way cool! They are such a lovely family! 

     And after church, a few hours later we had a member baptism in the ward. So we had even more people come to that! And lots of friends of the members, who are members, and we just had some awesome conversations with people. It was great! The baptism was stellar and super awesome. A day full of the Spirit. Nothing better than that :) I love German! It grows on me everyday. I love it more and more and I learn it better and better. Its so expressive. Its so awesome to teach the Gospel in it too. Words have such deep meanings sometimes. Its so fantabulous ;) 

Well. My week goes on. I will be in Vienna tomorrow. I like how... how not big of a deal that is.. but its actually huge! haha It's so cool! I'm so blessed!!!


Elder Rodgers <3

Gorgeous! What a heavenly sunset!

I've talked on the phone for over 51 hours since I've been in WNS!


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