Monday, September 29, 2014

Schritt für Schritt ;)......Week 26 in Wiener Neustadt

     Hello fellow friends and acquaintances. I greet you with my whole heart this fine Monday morning. I am pleased to say that the sun is shining, but its not hot! It is rather crisp, just as I like it to be. I commend you all on putting up with my antics and staying with this blog email as long as you all have. I bet if you have followed me through to this point you may say I'm a dreamer... but I'm not the only one! Jokes OK, I quoted song lyrics there. You may indeed say that my life is awesome. I agree. But there is a lot more to it than just being awesome. I experience highs and lows in my week which all add up the the 'Missionary Experience'. Which as my beloved companion once said... Is incomprehensible to those who have never been,  unbelievable to those who are there, and indescribable to those who have returned. Wise words Elder Durrant.

     But in the essence of it all, one truth rings loud, and it is that which one cannot deny. This Gospel is a blessing to all those who know it, and that's why we put in this time as Missionaries; to spread the great news. And I'm happy to be here doing it. I just have been blessed enough to be able to come here to do it! 

     Life is awesome. It's great... but the attitude that one has toward it automatically increases its awesomeness. Choose ye this day. Choose your attitude. It makes a difference. I promise.

     I had a fun week. Fun in all aspects. But I'd like to share one story that I find particularly enjoyable. Wiener Neustadt has a huge army base where like a ton of military stuff happens. Well we found a guy (5 months ago), who is an absolute boss, and he actually was attending school at the Military Academy. Well his graduation ceremony was on Saturday and we got personally invited to go and see. So of course we did. 

     It was epic! Such a crazy awesome military ceremony thing and I don't even know how to describe it. It was so official. And all spoken in German.. obviously. Well the President of Austria was there and gave a talk. It was way cool. And they had some way cool grad ceremony thing. It was super sick! This event was top notch! So cool. even cooler was that I understood what they were saying...

     Well yes. We were doing service on Friday and we got to take apart a shed and move it and then we will end up rebuilding it sometime. I think that I bruised my ribs though. I have done that once before and it feels the same. It just hurts to breathe in certain positions and when I wake up it sucks. Ha but it fades a little through the day. And then it gets worse at night. Doesn't really affect me in any other way than breathing and lifting things. It'll be ok. 

     We ate at Herbs on Tuesday. We ate at members a lot this week too. Members rock! I love members! Here and everywhere. Taught some lessons, and also got some awesome referrals! We will be having some awesome days in the future :) 

     Change is all around. In the seasons, in people, in me. Change is such a difficult concept to wrap my head around because as soon as I think I understand it... it changes on me. HA. Life eh? I love it regardless <3

I wish you all a wonderful week and I hope that your dreams become realities :) For dreams are where realities start. 

Elder Rodgers <3

Now that's a serving!

We went to Herbs to eat... .Cordon Bleu :)

in Wien (Vienna)


the graduates

the one with the red tie is the president of Austria... hahah epic! 

Not complete without a picture of a sunset!

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  1. How fun that he and Sister Henry both wrote about "change" this week. I teased Sis H that she was stealing President Obama's theme and she had totally forgotten. It applies beautifully to the Gospel, doesn't it? The hope and ability to change lives is real and happening!