Monday, September 1, 2014

Ein Zeugnis von Einladungen :)....Week 22 in Wiener Neustadt

     I think that my weeks go back and forth. One week I expend all my energy into my email and make something which I am happy with, then I come back the next and am empty with ideas! Nothing really crazy that was on my mind this whole week. Its just back and forth week to week. Lots to say and then not a ton to say. I was enlightened in the Scriptures again this week. I'll start by sharing that. Maybe it can develop further into something more :)

     Mormon 8:35  "Behold, I speak unto you as if ye were present, and yet ye are not. But behold, Jesus Christ hath shown you unto me, and I know your doing".

     These are some of the last words said by Mormon after he had summarized the Book of Mormon. He tells us straight up that he has seen our day. Me. You. Us. He has seen us and our day. We also know, because it has been said so many times, that the Book of Mormon is not even the hundredth part of all the records that have ever been kept. So with that in mind... it struck me. Everything written in the Book of Mormon was picked out by Mormon with the knowledge of what life would be like in our day. He knew what would be important to us and what would help us best because he knew what we would face. The Book of Mormon was simply written for our day. No other way about it. 

     The very words that he spoke, the words which he summarized have all been put in with such an specific purpose. Everything has such relevance to us in this day. That increases my love and appreciation for the Book of Mormon in such a powerful way! It was important for us to learn how to stand up and be courageous because he knew we would be put in situations where that would be necessary. He knew that it would be important for us to always hear and be reassured that keeping the commandments of God will lead us to happiness. Everything that ever has stuck out in the Book of Mormon to me or to you... was put there with purpose. 

          There is a purpose to everything.

     I think the Book of Mormon is so great. What a powerful tool. Not only for missionaries but for members and non-members alike. For every single person on the earth, the Book of Mormon can be used as an aid in our lives. Isn't that cool? Mormon saw our day. He knew it. So why should we doubt?

     Ok well to the work here in Wiener Neustadt. We were able to have a huge ward party this last Saturday. It was a huge success too! In total there were 17 non-members there! It was awesome! The power of an invitation works wonders. Then.. with all those people... we invited them to church the next day! Double invitation! There were 12 non-members at church on Sunday! About 5 are investigators and others are part members families and people who we simply find ont he street who we invite. But the power of an invitation should not be overlooked. 

     I read a little story in the Liahona this week. A lady's 16 year conversion story. She said it took her till her 7th contact with the church to become a member. But she honestly admitted that she likely would have accepted it after her 3rd contact. But the lack of an invitation didnt allow that opportunity. Friends who talked with her about Young Womens, Primary, Relief Society, Activities... but never invited her. Missionaries who helped her fix her car, but with no invitation for more. Finally with the 7th contact she received an invitation.. and within weeks joined the church. 

     There are people waiting for us. People are curious and want to come see. They just need us to do our part and invite them. We will see miracles through invitations.I know that to be true! 

     I invite you to go invite someone this week to an activity or church or something! Invite someone to make a change in their Lives for the better! But it starts with you and your invitation. Best of Luck! I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week :) 

Elder Rodgers <3


the Hungary / Austria border! Haha

Frau Martina bought us nice ties! 

Elder Durrant with hamburgers! yesssss!!!

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  1. Well I guess we shall see what the news is next week for Elder Rodgers, he's been in WN for quite a long time! Great letter and the message is so true about inviting our neighbors. Loved hearing their Open House was so successful!